Today’s Headlines

  • Supes Ask Why it Took Six Years to Disclose Millennium Tower Sinking (SFGate, Curbed)
  • More on SFMTrA’s Guerrilla Bike Lanes (SFGate)
  • How to Turn Across a Bike Lane (MercNews)
  • More on Uber Safety Videos (KQED)
  • Muni Bus Delayed by Rice Cooker (SFExaminer)
  • Smallest Park in San Francisco (Curbed)
  • EIR will Delay Market Street Housing (Socketsite)
  • Google Leases Space in Fruitvale Transit Village (BizJournal)
  • Housing Discussed for San Rafael Transit Center (MarinIJ)
  • Just a Fine for Driving in Front of a Train?!? (Kron4)
  • Commentary: Prop. L Lets Supervisors Meddle Too Much in Muni (SFGate)
  • Commentary: No on AC Transit Funding (EastBayTimes)

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  • PaleoBruce

    Helpful advice to motorists turning right across bike lanes: yes, be aware of the risk of approaching cyclists from behind. But also be aware of the risk of hitting the double parked cars in front. 🙂

  • Diversity Panel Topic: When a cyclist dies, does it really matter if a vehicle hit them?

  • StrixNoctis .

    Either many motorists failed to read the DMV handbook, never took driver’s ed or choose to ignore that traffic law of the requirement to merge into the bike lane prior to making a right turn.

    What irks me more than their failure to merge into the bike lane includes when they don’t use their turn signals, don’t bother to look to make sure there isn’t a cyclist near them or see the cyclist next to them but want the cyclist to slow down and go behind them so they can merge into the lane rather than the driver merging behind and giving the cyclist (or any other vehicle for that matter) the right of way as required by law! Something is seriously wrong with the brains of people on the road these days!

  • Same argument can be said for cyclists and pedestrians. Laws are broken by all.