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  • A Call on City to Fix 17th Street (Hoodline)
  • Prop. E Would Return Street Tree Care to City (SFExaminer)
  • More Murals for Bayview (Hoodline)
  • More on Private Ferry Services (DailyCalifornian)
  • Connecting BART to the Central Valley? (SFChron)
  • Motorists Still Drive into Muni Tunnels (SFBay)
  • What is Safe Enough for Self-Driving Cars? (KQED)
  • Serial Red Light Running in Pleasant Hill (Kron4)
  • Pedestrian Hit by SUV in Concord (EastBayTimes)
  • Menlo Park Kids Learn Bike Safety (Almanac)
  • MTC Ballot Endorsements (MassTransit)
  • Commentary: SMART Cell Phone Ban is Dumb (MarinIJ)

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  • BART to the Central Valley…

    Seriously, folks? First, that area needs to reconsider its development in general…low-rise tract homes and strip malls aren’t the answer. Second, Livermore wants nothing more than to put BART in the 580 median rather than connect the system with downtown Livermore and ACE. Third, BART needs to focus on improving the current system before it keeps expanding into the hinterlands. Finally, if any expansion is built, the funds need to be spent on a second tube, infill stations and a line under Geary/19th Ave.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Seriously the editorial quality on that article leaves much to be desired. BART wanted to connect to ACE in downtown Livermore, and the government of Livermore approved this plan, but the people of Livermore revolted, because they are racist neaderthals.

  • xplosneer

    “In an interesting twist, the money will go to Livermore Amador Valley
    Transit Authority, a small southern Alameda County bus system that has
    12 employees and no rail experience — and where Haggerty also chairs the
    board of directors.”


  • Jeffrey Baker

    This is a little misleading. LAVTA has hardly any staff because the operations are contracted to private companies. I guess it’s true that they have no rail planning experience but it’s also true that BART will never make a rail connection with ACE, so in that sense bus planning experience is the thing to have.

  • As long as the locals agree with what I want, I think we should listen to them in the interest of diversity.

  • xplosneer

    I didn’t know about LAVTA’s staff there, thanks, but either way the conflict regarding Haggerty redirecting multiple projects to boards he is on is weird.

  • Joe Brant

    Why not just add more ACE trains or improve feeder bus service rather than extend expensive metro rail miles out into the brush?

  • Joe Brant

    Or with the Dumbarton rail project (whose funds were diverted to the BART Warm Springs extension), trains could have been running directly from Stockton to San Francisco by now.

  • p_chazz

    “The hinterlands” as you disparagingly refer to them have been paying into the BART system for 50 years and have received zero, zip, zilch.

  • p_chazz

    Ad hominem attacks are such an effective way to make your point.

  • thielges

    You mean that huge parking garage at the Dublin/Pleasanton station is not used by anyone from the east?

  • Jeffrey Baker

    That’s a novel use of the word “directly”.

  • I like to pull out my pedantic debate team latin as much as the next puer in piscinam, but I don’t think calling the people of Livermore racist neanderthals qualifies as an ad hominem attack. That would need to be an attack pointed at the presenter of the argument.

  • DragonflyBeach

    BART needs t focus on new subways in San Francisco (Geary) and Oakland (Lakeshore) before worrying about low-ridership suburban expansion.

  • Jame

    Livermore should get “BART,” based on the terms of the original BART agreement. But since the residents of Livermore do not want to align BART with the ACE station and locate the train downtown, I think it is prudent to hold the project until that happens. A station in the middle of the freeway median does not support our larger regional planning goals or needs.

    I would be in support of a “BART” extension to the Central Valley (San Joaquin County) not using BART technology. eBART, a bus or other cheaper tech could be used and operated by BART.