Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Lee Wants More Housing (Curbed, SFBay, Hoodline)
  • SF Muni and Other Spending Mandates (SFExaminer)
  • Scott Street Traffic Diverter Set for October (Hoodline)
  • More on Harrison Street Crossing Safety Improvements (EastBayTimes)
  • More on Proposed Changes to Residential Parking Permits (Hoodline)
  • El Cerrito del Norte BART Station Improvements (EastBayTimes)
  • BART as Rolling Toilet (Kron4)
  • Googles Housing v. Office Space Kerfuffle with Mountain View (MercNews)
  • The Future of Novato’s Historic Depot (MarinIJ)
  • Man Hit by VTA Train in San Jose (EastBayTimes, SFBay)
  • Bay Area Wildlife and our Roads (CityLab)
  • Commentary: Car Makers Don’t Like Autonomous Car Regulations (EastBayTimes)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    ““People coming from the parking garage will no longer have to cross the traffic lanes in order to enter the station,” Griffiths said.

    Good ‘ol BART.

  • Harris

    You do realize, I hope, that BART is a suburban transit system specifically designed to serve those who need cars? And which replaces countless numbers of those same vehicular trips?

  • Jeffrey Baker

    The station has 9000 weekday riders and only 2000 parking spaces, so any way you want to look at it, arriving to the garage is the minority mode. Most people walk from further away than the garage, take the bus, or bicycle up the Ohlone Greenway.

  • Harris

    So your big point is that we haven’t built enough parking.


  • david vartanoff

    No, actually too much. The ugly parking structure should have been apartments. ECDN hosts buses from multiple counties/cities which make it the only high use station in C C County (current ## 8292/day)

  • You do realize, I hope, that
    it should be obvious to all that
    your big point is

    a failed haiku.

  • Harris

    A successful haiku, perhaps?

  • Harris

    Why do you think the voters disagree with you? Can you explain that?

  • Yeah, people voted for more parking, it is obvious to all.

  • Harris

    Well, there is a huge amount of parking, so presumably people did not vote against it.

  • John Murphy

    “this user is blocked”

  • Harris

    How is blocking out any viewpoint that challenges you working out for the broadness of your vision?