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  • mx

    “Tax Uber and Lyft to Fund Muni?”

    Ah, the great circle of public transit: Have unacceptable transit service -> people take Uber or Lyft instead for trips where transit fails -> tax Uber and Lyft -> waste the money on nonsense rather than improving transit -> never fire a single incompetent SFMTA executive -> angry citizens converge on 11 S Van Ness with pitchforks.

    Ok, maybe it’s not a circle, but good lord. The amount of problems with Muni that come down to mismanagement rather than lack of money are astonishing, and all everybody ever does is come up with new taxes to pour yet more money down the hole.

  • voltairesmistress

    So true. Why can’t muni just lay down separate transit lanes that keep out all cars? Then, miraculously the busses run faster and more frequently with the same number of drivers per shift. Car drivers, private or ride hail, have to put up with their own congestion. But transit riders bypass all of that. All done without significant new taxes.

  • mx

    Or just enforcing the transit lanes we already have.

  • I’m a daily transit rider and car owner (shared household). Cars aren’t going away any time soon so accept that. However, I’m all for transit investment to get more cars off the road and more people using public transit. The problem is that our inferior and ineffective transit is a major reason why people choose to drive or take ride-hailing services. Case in point: I take an evening class downtown. Not one of the 6 students in my class who live in the East Bay near a BART station take BART home. They Uber/Lyft it because it’s just easier and faster than “dealing” with public transit. I live in the Sunset and do the same. Last night the next L train was 30 minutes…add 45 min to the train ride itself. Ride hailing got me home in 20 min and I didn’t have to deal with aggressive homeless in the station/on the train.
    Mismanagement is indeed a problem within the agency. So is apathy and ignorance within SFMTA. They kind of go hand in hand. Knee jerk response is to always cut service and raise fares or squander tight funds on overbloated boondoggles. For the supposed tech center of the world we should have a stellar public transit system running under, on and above our streets, connecting all parts of the city and the entire Bay Area.

  • Andy Chow

    No sympathy to the TNCs. TNCs are essentially unfair competitors against all other forms of transportation, may that be taxis, private shuttles, and transit. They don’t treat their drivers fairly, and engage in predatory pricing. Basically they’re using VC money to put cars on the streets to drive out competitors that need cash income to remain in business.

  • voltairesmistress

    We are on the same page, mx. I bought an electric bike as one more way of getting around town cheaply and quickly. Love it! And wish more people would give e-bikes a try to see if it pleases them. And now I drive our family car almost exclusively for trips out of town where public transit is thin or sheer distance makes a ride impractical.