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It is a time of year for reflection and we at Streetsblog SF can’t help feeling concerned but hopeful as we move into 2018. We are now nearly a year into the Trump Administration, and while there are a great many causes for worry about the future of our country and our planet, 2017 gave us more than a few reasons for cautious optimism at the local level.

We are writing to ask for your support so we can keep a laser focus on creating a safer and more inclusive San Francisco in this turbulent environment.


Over the last year, Streetsblog SF brought you stories about cities and transportation in the Bay Area. There was great news for transit, with openings for the SMART train and BART, and a groundbreaking for Caltrain electrification, heralding a new era of rapid transit in the region. Ford GoBike also relaunched bike share in the Bay Area, creating new last-mile connections in San Francisco, San Jose, and the inner East Bay. There were continued pushes for bike and pedestrian safety improvements in San Francisco–including advocates taking things into their own hands.

There were also major policy developments at the state level, with a break-through transportation funding measure, an extension to cap and trade, and the next step in the push to reduce the influence of Levels of Service. And the year brought exciting new leadership at transportation agencies and advocacy organizations, as well as the culmination of the launch of a new transportation agency in Oakland.

Of course, there was more disconcerting news about the continued housing affordability crisis in the Bay Area. There were a host of new developments, some good and some bad, with new transportation transportation technologies and services. And, of course, there was the swirling national news, for which we worked hard to bring local perspectives as well with Streetsblog USA’s coverage of the range of federal developments–focusing on the implications for cities and transportation systems.

Streetsblog’s mission is more important than ever, in light of continued attacks on the media and federal antagonism toward cities like San Francisco. We need your support so we can continue keeping our elected officials and agencies focused on making sure our city and region are safe, inclusive, and equitable. The Bay Area can be a positive model for the rest of our country.

Please support our efforts in 2018 by giving whatever feels comfortable today.

Thank you,

Roger Rudick
Editor, Streetsblog San Francisco

Damien Newton
Publisher, Streetsblog San Francisco, Los Angeles, California

Jason Islas
Associate Director of California Streets Initiative


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