Today’s Headlines

  • Majority of Voters Support Taxes for Transit (SFGate, SFExaminer)
  • Breed Vows to Fulfill Mayor Lee’s Homeless Pledge (SFChron)
  • More on Feinstein’s Plan to Induce More Traffic (SFChron)
  • Will Transbay Get its Retail? (BizTimes)
  • Uber Sells Old Oakland Sears (Curbed, Hoodline)
  • Tracking Tenant Buyouts (Socketsite)
  • Cell Phone Antennae Approved for Upper Haight (Hoodline)
  • New Yerba Buena Trash Cans (Curbed)
  • 75 Unit Development at Former Mission Gas Station (Hoodline)
  • Gentrification Kills SoMa Laundromat (Curbed)
  • More on Hayward BART Attack (SFChron)
  • Which Cable Car Route is Right for you? (SFChron)

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  • voltairesmistress

    Regarding the articles stating that the majority of voters support new taxes for transit: No, this is misleading. Each proposed tax (ride hail services, sales tax hike, real estate owners, vehicle licensing, etc.) was supported by less than a majority except ride hails and real estate. For the latter two, neither received the 2/3s support needed for new tax passage.

    Lastly, the poll reflects something far more depressing: respondents were willing to tax others but not themselves. Support for various taxes roughly correlates with how people get around or what they own/buy. So ride share taxes were supported by those who don’t use them and find them an alien intrusion. Real eatate taxes were supported by those who don’t own or rent property in large developments. People who don’t own a car supported taxing those who do. A strong majority was against an increase in the sales tax that would affect everyone’s purchases. One cannot know for certain who supports which tax, but the percentages of support line up with previously reported percentages of people in San Francisco who live and use services in certain ways.

  • Please stop including links to articles that require a subscription (e.g., BizTimes). Thank you.

  • mx

    I’m ok with links that require a subscription, especially if they cover things not found elsewhere, but maybe a (*subscription required) note could be attached so people don’t waste their time clicking.

  • That works too.

  • ride_it_like_you_stole_it

    I totally support a new bridge across the bay if it is for trains, BART, and/or buses. If it does include 6 lanes for drivers as shown in the depiction, then how about 2 lanes on the Bay Bridge be converted? One could go to a two-way bikeway so we can complete the bike path across the bridge without spending hundreds of millions. The other lane could be a peak direction bus-only lane that could move many more people in one lane than if it was used primarily by drivers.

  • Richard Bullington

    A “southern crossing” a few miles below the airport might be the way to buffer CalTrain through Silicon Valley from the effects of HSR. HSR could go north along the East Bay on one of the three parallel rail rights of way to the “hub” mentioned in the article, cross the Bay alongside 92 to an airport station and then continue on to Transbay.

    Yes it’s four or five miles longer, but it would pass through much less congested and more industrial land than does CalTrain.