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  • Tourists appalled by homeless situation? How about polling residents? Bet many are equally as disgusted.

  • Running buses on shoulders isn’t going to solve the problem of congested roadways. If anything, it will only create more problems. Shoulders are designed to be a safety zone for disabled cars. NoVA tried it back around the turn of the millennium and within less than a week a driver in a disabled car on the shoulder was killed when his car was rammed from behind.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    There’s a short stretch of I-580 in Oakland where the shoulder is open for traffic at rush hour. It actually does solve problems.

  • It doesn’t solve problems long term. It’s short sighted fix that can have disastrous effects. My example above is proof in point. The Bay Area and Caltrans need to work in tandem to find viable solutions to the congested roadways.