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  • mx

    Given yesterday’s Muni meltdown, where are the mayoral candidates saying anything about transit? I know the housing crisis is at the top of everyone’s mind, but I’ve yet to see anyone give the slightest indication that they were even aware of the mess yesterday. A quick review of the major candidates’ twitter accounts shows not a mention of Muni yesterday beyond Mark Leno going on a ride on the T with Bevan Dufty and a station agent that didn’t mention the problems.

    All our talk of transit-oriented development and SB827 is meaningless if Muni can’t manage the basic operational competence to run its existing service in a usable fashion.

  • voltairesmistress

    Is it just me, or have others noticed Supervisor Ronen seems to throw a wrench into many housing developments? This may please some of her Mission constituents, but it retards addressing our housing shortage. No development seems good enough for her or her ally, Arron Peskin. This latest salvo, reconsidering the historical significance of a one story, money losing laundromat, is madness wrapped in dissembling language.

  • Haven’t we just given up hope that anything will be done to fix Muni and improve transit overall? Let’s be serious and look back over the past two decades that I’ve been here in SF…very little talk, no action…from the mayors or the supes. SPUR likes to host panel talks and write about what’s wrong but doesn’t jump in an actually do anything tangible to move things along. Wiener baited us with his “subway master plan” talk for SF to get into the state senate but have we seen him actually push for more transit funding in the state, much less his subway plan? Nope. Leno wants to “shake up SF.” Reminds me of one of Feinstein’s campaigns to “correct the mess in CA”…the mess that she helped create.

    As for the housing crisis, the area is beyond repair. The damage has been done. Middle class can’t afford to live here. Land values prevent anything but market rate housing to go up. Cost of living has driven people to commute several hours each way, clogging our already clogged roads. It’s simply too late to fix.

  • Eric Johnson

    This must be false. Willie Brown fixed Muni in a hundred days. Don’t you remember?

  • mx

    And then I distinctly remember that time Scott Weiner fixed Muni after Brown. It’s disheartening now that now our politicians aren’t even bothering to promise to fix Muni.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    You are absolutely right. Even tiny tweaks like signal priority for the N/T on Embarcadero haven’t been done. Certainly nothing like which could be done virtually overnight and with no funding. I’ve concluded that nothing will improve with regards to transportation in my lifetime.

  • I wasn’t trying to be funereal with my comment, but rather step back and look at the worsening situation objectively and just shake my head that we’ve been duped for so many generations.

  • And every couple of months we hear about “cleaning up 16th and Mission BART.” Same tired articles. Nothing gets done.

  • Earl D.

    Ronen is less awful than Campos was. Campos aggressively tried to put an end to all market rate construction in the Mission. But Ronen’s basic premise is that market rate construction is bad except for whatever inclusionary housing it has attached, and in that respect she’s very much part of the old guard that got us (Mission, SF, CA) in this mess to begin with.

  • voltairesmistress

    Thank you, Earl, for the information on Supervisors Ronen and Campos per their stance on building or not building housing over the years. We need these facts to judge whether our political representatives have actually supported housing creation or just saying that they have done so.

  • voltairesmistress

    Thank you, Jeffrey Baker, for that very informative link to the newminimetro. That proposal made a lot of sense. When was it first made? And which SF politicians do you think are serious about implementing changes to speed up and expand Muni?