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  • Ferry Building 15 years later…it’s seen its ups and downs of retailers. Some really good ones left because they couldn’t afford the rent which irks me because management is supposed to be supporting small, local businesses, not encouraging chains to come in, like Sur La Table. Honestly, it’s okay…great place to relax on a weekday when the sun is out. Otherwise, you can forget weekends when it’s mobbed with tourists.

  • citrate reiterator

    Norman Yee should be ashamed to call himself a progressive.

  • So, Wiener wants congestion pricing. Commuters are going to be taxed to drive to work…keep in mind that many of these people have no choice but to drive since public transit SUCKS in the Bay Area. Now, you’d think Wiener would back up his congestion pricing proposal with a huge push for mass transit upgrades. Provide drivers with a real alternative to getting behind the wheel.

  • thielges

    You can expect congestion pricing to be limited to the dense core that is already well served by transit. In other words a real alternative to driving. Park&ride plus Caltrain/BART enables a huge region to access SF’s urban core without driving.

  • Are you freakin’ kidding me? SF core is hardly well served by transit, much less the entire Bay Area. London, for example, gets away with congestion pricing because it has stellar commuter rail and subway in place.

    I work in the financial district and most of my coworkers either drive or take Uber/Lyft. Many of the reasons for driving is that “BART parking lots fill up before the crack of dawn” and “Muni is completely unreliable.” Sure, it’s great if you live within walking distance and/or can hop on a quick bus or train ride that only goes a few stops, but if you’re schlepping from the Sunset (like me) or Richmond or anywhere outside of SF your options are limited unless you want to spend hours on multiple buses or trains. Muni meltdowns are frequent. BART seems to have issues every other day resulting in massive delays.

  • voltairesmistress

    You know, Mark, take an Uber or Lyft carpool ride, especially the super cheap and new service called UberX Pool which picks you up and drops you off up to two blocks from your location. It often goes for about $3.70 from parts of Golden Gate Park to downtown for example. You avoid all parking hassles and fees, and you are doing something for your health by walking a bit and for the environment by carpooling and not driving round and round for an exact drop off address. There are very few reasons that most of us have for driving our private cars into downtown SF other than personal preference, habit, and sufficient income to cover this preference. I say, bring on the congestion charge and help the rest of us struggling to make it to our destinations.

  • xplosneer

    Would you say the same if it were termed as carbon and pollution pricing?

  • I would actually prefer to take public transit…that is, if SF had a real transit system.

  • City Resident

    I work in the Richmond and often take Muni to work (and often travel between the Richmond District and Downtown). From my experience, Muni is very reliable – especially along California, Geary, and Fulton. In recent years, Muni service along these routes (especially Geary and Fulton) has significantly improved with frequent, reliable buses operating throughout the day. Muni has invested in new buses and more operators and the improvements are apparent.