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  • mx

    “Those new positions include 66 new employees to run the new Central Subway stations set to open in December next year,”

    Since that doesn’t include train operators or mechanics, doesn’t that seem like a lot of people for three subway stations? Was that level of staffing contemplated in the financial projections for the subway planning?

  • And how many of these new hires with be patrolling the stations and providing security. Given SF’s track record, assume the worst. The pedestrian tunnel between Union Square and Powell stations will be a homeless encampment in no time.

  • So, our interim mayor drove to the interview citing some lame excuse for doing so. Par for the course.
    Let’s keep things super simple here, folks. I’ll start with trips within SF. Would you rather drive 15 minutes to your destination or spend over an hour on public transit? There are a lot of wealthy folks here who couldn’t care less about feeding a meter or circling for a free spot. Time is money. Now, if your journey involves, let’s say, a trip to Palo Alto from the Sunset. Would you rather drive 40 minutes or take the L train to Civic Center, transfer to either the K or N to 4th/King and hope you make your connecting Caltrain? We’re assuming the transit gods like you and you don’t have to wait 25 minutes for an inbound L or the N hits a snag outside of the tunnel and trains aren’t running. But, if, for some reason, you get a Muni alert in time you can always hop on a packed 28 bus to Daly City, assuming they are running every 8-10 minutes, take BART to Millbrae and then wish the competing transit agencies planned a time transfer so you don’t have to wait for another Caltrain.

  • murphstahoe

    If you have a lot of Sunset to palo alto journies – you’re doing it wrong.

  • mx

    SFFD is spending its time tweeting out weird nonsensical statistics about “Distracted Walking.” None of it really makes any sense. You have a 34% chance of being hit by a vehicle when exactly?

  • thielges

    Yeah the meaning of those numbers is unclear. I suspect somebody at SFFD is venting so hard about distracted pedestrians that they have fogged their windshield.

  • What a moronic statement. Just as stupid as saying “if you have a lot of Discovery Bay to Santa Clara journeys you’re doing it wrong.” I’m not even going to waste my time explaining the commuting and cost of living relation ship to you. If you can’t figure it out that’s your problem.

  • murphstahoe

    I thought your name was “Mark”, not Richary Mylnarik

  • murphstahoe

    And to foment a real reply…

    We could build out the most freaking awesome transit system imaginable, and you could still cherry pick 2 points on a map and a journey between them would suck. And some journies that seem less obvious wouldn’t suck. You could live in San Rafael downtown, get the 31 shuttle to the Ferry, then the E/F/N to Caltrain and get to Palo Alto and probably be more seamless than the Sunset to PA journey you describe.

    The goal should be to build good systems to serve as many people as possible as seamlessly as possible. Optimizing Sunset to Palo Alto sounds great, but has nowhere near the bang for the buck as Fremont to Palo Alto. Reference – congestion on 280 vs 84.