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  • mx

    I’m all for the Service Equity Plan, but it’s amazing how much effort goes into SFMTA planning when they can’t get the basics right, like having enough people show up to work the lines they’re already supposed to be running.

    For example, Hillary Ronen is complaining about crowding on the 8. There very well may be an equity issue there, but according to the Examiner’s excellent reporting, 80 hours a day of 8-Bayshore service isn’t even being run right now. That would amount to an unscheduled 17% service cut. We need equitable Muni service, but we also just need Muni service to actually exist, as promised. Maybe the planners who prepared a 120 page equity report could find their time better used learning to drive a bus; I’m sure the people they’re trying to help would appreciate it more at the moment.

  • Kevin Withers

    We are finally rid of both MTC’s Steve Heminger, and SPUR’s Metcalf?

    Yay! Oh happy day, there is a sliver of hope shining through on the Bay Area.

  • david vartanoff

    AC Transit is having similar issues. Apparently in our current economy hiring/retaining drivers is problematical.