Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Driver Shortage Could Delay Schools (SFGate, SFExaminer, CBSLocal)
  • Private Buses can use Bus Lanes (SFExaminer)
  • Replacing BART Fare Gates (SFChron)
  • BART Continues to Suffer Off-Peak Ridership Drops (SFChron)
  • Nia Wilson’s Family Files Claim against BART (SFExaminer)
  • Upper Haight Improvements Set to Break Ground (Hoodline)
  • Pedestrian Killed in Berkeley (SFChron, Berkeleyside)
  • SMART Celebrates One Year of Service (MarinIJ)
  • Polite Dog on BART (SFGate)
  • Bring your own Seat on BART? (SFChron)
  • What People are Instagramming from Transbay (Curbed)
  • Commentary: Ban Private Buses from the Bus Lanes (SFExaminer)

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  • Patrick Devine

    With maintenance it will take about 10-15 years to pay off replacing the fare gates on BART, and it will *still* require additional policing in the stations because it won’t really solve anything. So we end up with an expensive, more imposing solution which is not very effective to a problem which could be easily solved if they just spent more money on additional policing in the first place.

  • jonobate

    BART would be better off removing all the fare gates rather than replacing them, and moving to a proof of payment system enforced by unarmed civilian inspectors, similar to Muni and Caltrain.

    At the very least they should remove the gates at all stations except the downtown stations in SF, Oakland, and Berkeley – much like Muni has faregates at the subway stations but not the street level stops. The majority of trips start or end at one of these stations, so most people would still go through at least one faregate. Proof of payment officers would act as a deterrent to fare evaders making suburb to suburb trips.

    Removing faregates at the suburban stations would free up a station agent who could patrol the entire station as needed rather than just sitting in a booth next to the faregates.

  • Patrick Devine

    Agree 100% that they should just remove the fare gates. Spend the $250 million on improving BART and use revenues collected from fare enforcement to pay for extra policing.

  • Sure, removing the fare gates and spending millions on “policing” because we all know that current BART police are effectively doing their jobs.

  • Andy Chow

    A commercial vehicle with more than 10 seats is considered a bus. There are extra regulations and costs required to operate a bus. Private buses do not take public operating subsidy and may have higher productivity standard than public transit buses. If these vehicles are as if not more productive and efficient than Muni, and not using Muni bus stops as they are not supposed to, then why they should not be allowed to use bus lanes? Not all private buses would necessarily want to use Muni lanes as Muni stops every block or every few blocks and they don’t want to get stuck behind slow Muni.