Today’s Headlines

  • E-scooters to Return to a Handful of Neighborhoods (SFExaminer)
  • SF Slow to Install Pedestrian Signals for the Blind (SFBay)
  • Pedestrian Struck in Haight Dies (SFBay)
  • Ferry Building Deal (Hoodline)
  • Harvey Milk Plaza Renderings (Hoodline)
  • Ice Rink for Civic Center Plaza (Hoodline)
  • The ‘Dirtiest’ Street in San Francisco (SFWeekly)
  • Robbed on BART (EastBayTimes)
  • Asking Startups to Help with Housing, Transportation (MercNews)
  • Stadium at Howard Terminal? (SFChron)
  • More Hyperloop Hype (SFGate)
  • Commentary: Pay Attention to BART Director Races (EastBayTimes)

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  • Asking startups to help with housing/transportation…
    How about asking established tech firms (you out there, Salesforce?) to cough up the cash. Salesforce alone should contribute a big chunk to get Caltrain rolling into its namesake transit center. The problem with squeezing startups is that it’s not real money to begin with. When you’re dealing with outside funding running something that barely has a foot in the ground you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Hit up the big tech firms…and law firms…and professional services firms. Start privatizing our transit.

  • mx

    “E-scooters to Return to a Handful of Neighborhoods”

    Is Scoot’s service map ( ) a joke?

    I realize they’re constrained by the well-below-demand 625 scooter cap, but this just isn’t useful. They’ve helpfully tilted the map to try to make it look bigger than it is, and I’m glad they filled in the gaps so it’s at least a contiguous area, but come on. It extends into the Bayview, fulfilling their exclusionary mandate, but only around a barely one-block corridor around the T-Third, when the whole point here is to expand access to last-mile connections to transit. For tourists, the hotels above Union Square and the Exploratorium are excluded (and don’t even think about making it to GGP or the northern waterfront). The map works extra hard to cut out the Tenderloin, while it’s happy to take a little dog leg out again for Hayes Valley.

  • voltairesmistress

    Re: Pedestrian dies from Haight collision
    There is not much information as to how this driver hit the 60 year old pedestrian.
    But I think we should focus on how frequent and fatal collisions are, not in the “Haight” per se as a neighborhood, but rather along Fell and Oak corridors that span Hayes Valley, Lower Haight, Haight, and the Panhandle neighborhoods.

    Oak and Fell are essentially three-lane expressways with two lanes of parking too. I wonder if the City has looked hard at how to truly enhance pedestrian and bicyclist safety here? Could the intersections, for example, be equipped with rumble strips well in front of them? Could we eliminate a parking lane and extend the sidewalk and put in a protected bike lane there? Could all intersections incorporate the latest in signaling and safety features for pedestrians, so that turning type collisions are eliminated? Could we put in red light cameras all along those two corridors? Just asking, because didn’t an elder die this or last year at Baker and Fell while in the crosswalk? I suspect we need an extensive corridor-long fix. Would anyone with more expertise than I like to comment?