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  • Look out, SF. My morning commute includes riding past so many of them abandoned, damaged or destroyed, badly parked in the way of pedestrian and/or street traffic.
    Cars, that is.

  • John Murphy

    This morning I boarded Caltrain at 7:04 in Mountain View. I met a guy carrying an e-scooter onto the train, thus jamming that equipment into the bike car. As far as I’m concerned, that’s fine, if they banned him from bringing the scooter in he’d get a bike and it would be a wash.

    The interesting part was this. I asked him how he liked it, he said he used to grab an Uber when getting off the train, then he found the lime scooters and was hooked. When the scooters went away, instead of going back to Uber, he just bought one for $500.

    So let’s check the scoreboard.

    Scooters = 1 less Uber trip. That’s good for congestion/etc, and this guy’s pocketbook
    Ban scooters = 1 more piece of equipment jammed up on the caltrain instead of just being picked up at the Caltrain station (oh, and when the scooters were rolling in SF, the guy rode a lime e-bike to the station in Mountain View)

    But that second line is basically invisible to the SFBOS – that their little action is helping jam up a wildly popular but overtaxed key piece of regional transit.

  • 94103er

    Tell us about it. The fact that one can get around sleepy South City, unhip neighborhoods of Seattle, and exciting Downtown San Jo easily and joyfully car-free should be beyond embarrassing to our city officials. They’re too busy getting chauffeured around and stuck in traffic jams (and NEVER riding Muni) to even notice, however.