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  • BART Opens at 5 a.m. (SFExaminer, EastBayTimesCurbed)
  • All About BART’s Transbay Tube Retrofit (SFChron)
  • What BART Could have Been (KGO)
  • Fantasy BART Map (Curbed)
  • Berryessa BART to Open in November (MercNews)
  • What Transit Taxes Pay For (MercNews)
  • Poll Shows Support Growing for Density Near Transit (SFChron)
  • Breed Preps Bill to Streamline Affordable Housing (SFChron)
  • Free Car Storage Withdrawn to Make Room for SamTrans Buses (SFChron)
  • Map of Pedestrian, Cyclist Crashes in Berkeley (Berkeleyside)
  • The World’s Best Subways (NYTimes)
  • Commentary: More on Housing Crisis Making Segregation Worse (SFChron)

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  • Enough with the fantasy transit maps. I’ve lived here for 20 years and every year it seems there’s an article that talks about “what could have been” or “rail 2030, 2040 or 2050.” Meanwhile, traffic continues to worsen and mass transit takes a back seat. While rail under Geary should have been in place 40 years ago, let’s focus on small steps like DTX, which continues to be shoved aside, and creating relatively seamless connections among the disparate transit systems. And for the record, a second tube opening in 2050 is too little, too late.

  • sf in sf

    Also a lot we can do cheaply with BRT. But we have to just paint the lanes, not fold it into a 20-year project to also replace sewer lines and restore historic street lamps and all the other stuff that got added to Van Ness and caused the delays/cost overruns people are now blaming on transit. BRT can be cheap, the extras aren’t.

  • BRT is only as useful as light rail with dedicated lanes/ROW. Geary BRT is projected to save maybe 5-7 minutes off the hour it usually takes to go from the beach to downtown. Van Ness BRT, which only runs between Lombard and Market St., is supposed to save max 5 minutes. The problem then lies with the rest of the half baked system. Those 5 minutes you save are immediately lost once you transfer to a bus that never comes or get stuck in the Muni subway waiting to go downtown.
    The sewer line replacement on Van Ness is a separate project but tied in with the BRT construction rather than building BRT then ripping it all up to replace the sewers…which wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.

  • david vartanoff

    Despite the long term value of fixing sewer issues, Van Ness BRT will turn out to have been a huge waste as opposed to just Red Painting the lanes and outlawing the left turns which might have taken a couple weeks and a few thousand $$.

  • Van Ness is wide enough that you should be able to make left hand turns on at least the major arteries. Otherwise, you’re dumping go around traffic on Polk which can’t handle the volume it already has.

    Nothing costs a few thousand dollars. The “studies” alone cost millions. Unfortunately, the cost overruns and completion delays mirror those of every other public works project in this city.

    The sewer replacement is critical, however. You have to look at the construction as two separate projects.

  • theqin

    How big is the pedestrian walkway inside of the Bart tunnel? It seems like it would be cheaper to retrofit that and make it into a bike path for daily use. Obviously it would still be able to be used in emergency evacuations.

  • OMG I read your post and then realized you were serious. Wow.

  • We’ll get those click-bait writers working on pouring concrete STAT!

  • theqin

    What I forgot to mention was that it could be an option as a near term alternative to building the bike lane on the west span of the bay bridge. Since that unfounded thing might not get done for 20 years and we need something now.

  • sf in sf

    5-7 minutes shaved off an hour is a lot. And no, those minutes aren’t “lost.”