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  • Jeffrey Baker

    TIL: A BART escalator costs $2.5 million, more than a Beechcraft Baron. Which do you think has more moving parts?

  • Yep. More BART incompetence at the expense of riders. Combine the escalator replacement cost with the canopy and you’re looking at $5M. Half the fare gates don’t work…another half million per gate.

    You cannot tell me that other transit agencies in this country shell out this kind of money for repairs and replacements.

  • david vartanoff

    Actually, they do. Check out NY MTA or Metro. CTA is not far behind although they cheap out by refusing to do ADA upgrades when they ‘clean up a station

  • Clearly, this indicates something seriously wrong with how our country handles infrastructure. It’s downright disgusting.

  • mx

    I suspect much of that cost is the maintenance contract, which supposedly sets performance standards for how frequently the most be working.

    I do like how the article says “BART will add one escalator at the entrance near the Orpheum Theatre.” I believe BART has removed three escalators from Civic Center, if I remember correctly, since they closed all the western entrances to the station (you know, the ones closest to all the new mid-Market jobs). Glad to see that they’re eventually someday planning to replace three with one, meaning we won’t even get an up/down pair.

  • kevd

    NY MTA also refuses to make stations ADA complaint when it completes station renovations costing tens of millions of dollars.
    Cuomo is spending $1 Billion to renovate 33 stations without adding any accessibility.

  • The J/K/L/M/N Muni lines are hardly ADA compliant on the surface. If Muni spaced the stops every quarter mile and added boarding bulbs/islands and a ramp then we’re talking.