Today’s Headlines

  • Muni Rail Scores Better but Still Badly (Curbed)
  • Is Congestion Pricing the Answer? (SFChron, Vice)
  • Vision Zero Breakdown (BayCityBeacon)
  • Saving S.F.’s Trees (SFExaminer)
  • City to Get Started on Seawall Work (SFExaminer)
  • More on SF Supes Attempting to Block Transit Density (Curbed)
  • Berkeley Affirms RV Ban (Berkeleyside, NBCBayArea)
  • California Sells $600 Million in HSR Bonds (NBCBayArea)
  • Cartoon: Traffic Misery and Thank Goodness for Bikes (KQED)
  • Commentary: Uber Tax Must go to Electric Vehicles (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Lower DUI Limit (MercNews)

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  • Only consider congestion pricing ONLY if the Bay Area can provide reasonable alternatives to driving. Otherwise, forget it.

  • John

    I see tweets like these from SFMTA managers that really make me
    question if this agency has the slightest idea how little regard its
    customers have for them. No, don’t be nasty to employees under any circumstances, and yes, there are people there who genuinely want to make things better. But the corrosive
    effect of decades of sucktastic service that never gets better is going
    to come out, and I would think anyone who works for an agency that lacks
    the basic ability to run trains through a tunnel would demonstrate
    at least the slightest evidence of shame for the service they provide.

  • They are hardly responsive, much less frustrated. The vast majority of Muni employees could not care less and it shows from their attitude and attendance. BART is no better. On the rare occasion you will find a bus driver or attendant who cracks a smile and is helpful, but if you ride the system on a daily basis you know this is hardly the norm.

    Sorry, AS Hallowell, but Muni needs to be accountable for its actions (or lack thereof) and not pass the blame on the government. They’ve simply run out of excuses and riders are wise to it.