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  • T Third Returns to Service (SFExaminerCurbed)
  • Grocer Wants Out of Transbay (SFExaminer)
  • On Oakland Fixing Streets (EastBayTimes)
  • Anger Over Oakland Paving Plan (Chron)
  • More on Congestion Pricing (NYTimes)
  • City Planning Board Game (Berkeleyside)
  • IPOs and More Gentrification? (Curbed)
  • More on South Beach Navigation Center (Curbed)
  • For the Love of Old Streetcars (SFExaminer)
  • Page & Octavia Neighbors Honking April Fools (Hoodline)
  • Commentary: Reject Treasure Island Marina Plan (Chron)

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  • Jeffrey Baker

    The T-Third “returned to service” but note that the stop at Mission Bay/UCSF is not served and the trackway in that area is in a condition such that the train goes at a walking pace for a few blocks. I rode it yesterday to check it out but the service was so messed up that the next return train from 23rd was going to arrive in 25 minutes. I rode a GoBike back instead.

  • crazyvag

    thought the UCSF stop is going away after the new one opens.

    Personally, I’d like 20th and 23rd St stops merged into a single stop at 22nd Street. Where it would be close to Caltrain and all the restaurants/bars one would actually want to go. No one wants to go to a truck and ambulance parking lot on 23rd.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Completely agreed. It is inexplicable that the streetcar platforms are a block in either direction from the main destination in that area.

  • snobum

    So is there a reason for a 5 year old Caltrain story?

  • Roger R.

    Yeah, pre-caffeine fog/I messed up. Accidentally grabbed it from their archive list (which they put on their front page for some reason). Anyway, deleted. Thanks for catching it.

  • My favorite is the millions spent on the Balboa station upgrade. If you’re on BART and need to transfer to the K or J then you have to walk all the way around the rail yard to catch the platform in the middle of the block on San Jose Ave.

  • david vartanoff

    on the PA at Embarcadero Monday around 2PM–“T in 35 Minutes” not real service IMHO.

  • By the time I left work at 5:15 it was 45 minutes for an outbound K. Three times last week it was over 30 minutes for an outbound J during evening rush hour. We’ve known for decades that this is far from reliable transit. Problems operating and fiscally managing the system are mounting and the agency either cuts service or increases fares to cope without actually finding an effective solution to the mess. It will never be resolved.

  • Just like the Chinatown CS station is a couple blocks from the crowded 1-California bus line. No direct connection. The station should have covered the entire block between Sacto and Clay allowing inbound/outbound bus riders to easily transfer and have building rights above for housing/commercial space. You get off the bus and the station entrance is right there. What a concept.

  • Jeffrey Baker

    The K/T is and has always been garbage, you can blame Willie Brown and Nat Ford, everybody since, and probably plenty of people before.

  • murphstahoe

    Just like the T-Third stop will stay across a 6 lane road from Caltrain

  • Jeffrey Baker
  • I’d be interested to see the on time performance of the original streetcar system. Market St. tunnel with 5 lines was doomed from the start, combined with all the lines converging from mixed surface traffic.

    BART may have its issues but I am thrilled to have moved from being dependent on the L from Parkside to taking BART from Balboa Park. My rush hour commutes to downtown are less than 15 minutes on BART versus God only knows how long on Muni…40 min some days…90 minutes other days…tunnel completely shut down other days.

    Scott promised us a master subway plan which has never, ever been released to the public much less planned or wrangled for federal funding. We need a BART-like system throughout SF, not an antiquated streetcar system, under the mask of modern light rail, that is operationally dysfunctional and covers only a small portion of turf that would make SF less car dependent if it were expanded and actually efficient.