Streetsblog California Endorses Measure RR

Earlier today, Streetsblog California announced endorsements for statewide ballot measures and measures in Los Angeles county and the Bay Area on behalf of all Streetsblogs in California. As expected, SBCAL endorsed Measure RR: The Caltrains Sales Tax.

Streetsblog California joins the San Francisco Chronicle, the San Jose Mercury-News, Seamless Bay Area, the Greenbelt Alliance, Streetsblog San Francisco and many other groups representing transit riders, environmentalists and Bay Area residents to support the measure.

RR would ensure continued service on Caltrains lines during a time of declining federal support and will allow the agency to maintain the timeframe for electrifying its rail fleet.

While Streetsblog California’s endorsement is hardly a surprise, it does give us an opportunity to link to this amazing video, a “save Caltrain” acoustic song put together by ballot supporters.

Click on the picture to watch the video on Google Drive.
Click on the picture to watch the video on Google Drive.

If you’re looking for more serious information on RR or how you can get involved with the campaign, visit the ActionNetwork page, Rescue Caltrain, or the Friends of Caltrain website.



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