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America: Show Us Your Best Bus Stops!

This sunny bus stop is in the U.K….but we’ll bet there are some great ones across the pond, too. Image: PxHere, CC

March at Streetsblog usually means it's time for our annual send-up of sub-par transit across the country: the beloved America's Sorriest Bus Stop contest.

But this year, we're switching things up.

For 2022 only, we're inviting you to send us your submissions for America's Best Bus Stop.

That's right: we're taking a break from poring through pictures of dirty, undignified and downright dangerous stops and taking a look at the U.S. transit agencies who are getting it right at their waiting areas — and what structural factors make it possible for them to do it, so we can create those conditions everywhere.

This bad bus stop in Québec City took the title for Sorriest Bus Stop in North America in 2021...
...but this one in the very same city wowed us. And now, we want to see more.

Does your favorite stop in town have a shelter, a bench, and a sidewalk going all the way up to the loading zone? Is it holistically accessible to people of all ages and abilities, not just checking (or utterly failing to check) the most basic of ADA boxes? Does it have a heater for cold winter days or air conditioning for hot summers? Public art? A snack kiosk? Does it have (gasp) a clean public restroom that the city doesn't keep locked at all times?

If so, we want to see it — and whatever other wonders that might await a passenger while they wait for a bus in your place.

Look: we know it might be a pretty short contest. We know there are way more bad bus stops in the U.S. than there are good ones. But this year, let's give the hard-working transit professionals of America a boost — and give everyone else a great example of how to do better.

Here's what we'll need from you by Monday, March 14:

    1. A photo of your stupendous bus stop — taken by you, or a link to the location on Google Maps where we can grab a screenshot from Street View.
    2. The location of your stop — either the closest street address, or a link to the location on Google Maps.
    3. The name of the line and transit system that the stop serves (please be as specific as possible, so we know which agency to call to congratulate them!)
    4. If you know it: a link to the Twitter handle for the public agency responsible for maintaining that stop.
    5. A few words about why this bus stop deserves a little celebration.

Email us at Kea at Streetsblog dot org. DM it to us on Twitter @streetsblogusa, or tag us in a post with the hashtag #BestBusStops2022. Or fill out this Google Form to do it all in a snap.

Again: the deadline is Monday, March 14. 

Need a little inspiration for what not to submit? Check out the Sorriest Bus Stop Archives ... and a few all-time lows below:

Hot tip: the best bus stop in America probably won't require its riders to walk along the side of a six lane highway with no sidewalk to get there, or stand in a pile of leaves while they wait.
This 2017 entry was so bad that a reader wrote in to let us know they'd been hit by a driver while attempting to reach it...and she wasn't even the person who submitted it to the contest. If riders have to contend with that kind of threat of traffic violence on the way to your stop...maybe don't nominate it this year. 
Pretty much the only good thing about this 2018 entry is that it's across the street from the Family Service League, which provides crucial social services to the residents of Long Island. (Hint: America's Best Bus Stop, ideally, serve the locations that the typical bus rider relies on.) Besides that, though...there's not much to praise.
We nicknamed this 2021 entry the Staten Island Murder Shed for obvious reasons. Let's hope 2022's winner is a little more welcoming...and that the city bothers to cut the grass.

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