A Call for Filmmakers: Join the Streetfilms Revolution!

As longtime fans already know, Streetfilms has become the transportation sector's go-to source for livable streets best practices from all over the world. From Ciclovia, to BRT in Curtiba, to Fixing The Great Mistake, Streetfilms are a must-see for any person interested in making the streets in their communities and neighborhoods more people-friendly. 

Thanks to a generous contribution from Streetsblog San Francisco's principle funder, Jonathan Weiner, I'm happy to announce that we are now seeking future Streetfilms filmmakers who can help us document best practices in the Bay Area, and highlight some of the glaring problems and policy failures preventing livable streets. 

Are you a talented filmmaker who shares our passion for livable streets? Send us your resume and your best two films and we'll consider adding you to our great pool of freelance filmmakers. Women, people of color, LGBT individuals and people from other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply. Email bryan@sf.streetsblog.org.

Also, don't forget to join us Wednesday night for our Streetfilms Celebration and Fundraiser. It'll be a great opportunity to meet Streetfilms founder Clarence Eckerson and talk to the Streetfilms team. See you there!