This Week: Vision Zero Rally Today, Wiggle Plans Unveiled

Today at noon, join a rally calling on the city to adopt Vision Zero, the goal of ending all traffic deaths within ten years. Plans for a safer, greener Wiggle will also be unveiled at an open house meeting Wednesday evening.

Here are all of this week’s calendar highlights:

  • Tuesday: Join Walk SF, the SF Bicycle Coalition, and other organizations at the steps of City Hall for a rally calling on city electeds and agencies to commit to “Vision Zero,” the goal of ending traffic fatalities within ten years. 12 p.m. After the rally, you can also join supporters at the SFMTA Board of Directors meeting, starting at 1 p.m., to speak during public comment.
  • Wednesday: Plans for a greener, more livable Wiggle will be presented at an open house by the SFMTA, the Department of Public Works, and the SF Public Utilities Commission. The proposed measures include bulb-outs with greenery, raised crosswalks, textured pavement, and a southbound car traffic diverter on Scott Street at Fell. A preview of the plans is available here. 5 p.m.

Keep an eye on the calendar for updated listings. Got an event we should know about? Drop us a line.

  • Jamison Wieser

    I’m excited about the Wiggle as both a cyclist and a Duboce Triangle resident who walks my dog along it every day.

    I’m glad for the official rerouting along Page between Scott and Pierce. I already use that route because Page is quieter that Haight with less traffic and this eliminates the conflict with busses (and the cabs which abuse the bus stops as a loading zone) pulling pulling in and out at that corner.

  • Transplant206

    The Wiggle plans look very promising! Glad that the raised crosswalks are included.

    The Scott and Fell intersection will be the one to watch, I think.

    First, with the left from Fell onto Scott eliminated, the (already large) number of cyclists making a left-on-red onto Fell will probably go up. Not sure why this is such a popular move, the majority of people end up stopped at the Divis light along with those of us who waited for the left turn signal at Fell.

    Second, with southbound cars forced to head to Divis, the gas station line/bike lane/left turn lane area may see more auto/cyclist conflicts.

  • gneiss

    Without access to Scott from Fell, the ‘left on red’ will no longer be an illegal move, as no car traffic can flow in that direction.

    The whole reason why Scott gets congested at that intersection is because there is quite a bit of rat-running on Scott since Divis is such a PITA. Part of what SFMTA is proposing is rejiggering the light timing on Divis between Geary and Castro to make using Scott less of an advantage, which means the amount of traffic from Scott to Divis will still be what it is now, which is minimal.

  • Sprague

    As a former resident of this neighborhood, it looks like the proposal will be a big win to calm local streets and make them more pleasurable places to live, bike, and walk. Ideally, a significant amount of through traffic will be removed from Scott Street and rerouted to Divisadero (resulting in no marked increase in motorists wanting to turn left from Fell onto Divisadero).

  • Caleb

    If you are a resident of Wigglevania, or just regularly pass through, please come out tomorrow and support these improvements. Never underestimate the power of willful ignorance and NIMBYs to undermine basic safety advances!

  • The Overhead Wire

    Thursday there is a Noe Valley meeting at St. Philip Church (7pm – 8:45) to give feedback to the SFMTA on streetscape design for 24th Street West of Church

  • Jamison Wieser

    Drivers are not being forced to use Divisadero alone. For those turning onto Scott because their destination is in the neighborhood there is also Pierce. It won’t take long for locals to figure this out and for everyone who does there is one less car on the block between Scott and Divisadero.