Streetsblog is Looking for Interns

We’ve got a lot of important work to accomplish at Streetsblog San Francisco. As traditional mainstream media continues to suffer, Streetsblog will play a vital role in keeping the citizenry informed and putting the heat on the MTA, the MTC, the Mayor, the Supes and other agencies to dramatically improve conditions for bicyclists, pedestrians and public transit riders in the Bay Area.

To get where we want to be, though, we could use the help of a few dedicated students who want to be, or already are, a part of the Livable Streets movement and want to help us conduct critical research and build stories. Even if you’re not a student but have some expertise you feel could be valuable to us feel free to apply. We can’t pay you just yet but you’ll get the opportunity to write for the blog and be a part of a new revolution in journalism. Here are the details we’ve just posted on our site:

Streetsblog San Francisco is looking for smart, self-motivated urban
planning, environmental studies, legal or journalism students to help
us cover the Livable Streets movement in the Bay Area. You share our
passion for new media, journalism, progressive urban planning, land
use, transportation and sustainable development issues and are
committed to improving conditions for pedestrians, bicyclists and
public transit riders. 

We are seeking students and
non-students alike with excellent writing and research skills who will
assist us with one or all of the following:

•    Conducting policy and data research and analysis
•    Covering press conferences and public meetings
•    Assisting with podcasts and film production
•    Working on advocacy campaigns
•    Conducting media outreach
•    Taking part in administrative duties related to the daily upkeep of the blog
•    Uncovering lawsuits against transportation agencies
•    Tracking state and local transportation legislation
•    Investigating crashes involving bicyclists, pedestrians and public transit vehicles

internships are unpaid but you’ll get a chance to write for the blog.
We’re more than happy to customize your internship so that it directly
advances your skills in whatever academic or professional career you
have chosen.

People of color, LGBT individuals, women and members of other underrepresented communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply please submit a cover letter, resume, references and three writing samples to


Reed Martin, Peter Straus, and Thea Selby of the Transit Riders. Photo: Streetsblog

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Thank You Bay Area!

Over the weekend, we received word that the craigslist Charitable Fund had awarded Streetsblog SF a $25,000 grant to help with 2021, raising our total for the drive to $45,685. While this is just under our goal, it's enough to assure that Streetsblog San Francisco will continue to publish for all of 2021 assuming our advertising income remains steady.