Don’t Let the City Steal from Muni!!

In 2007, voters gave Muni an extra $27 million to pay for more buses, hire more drivers and make needed improvements.

Now the Mayor is raiding the Muni budget, while there’s talk of more FARE HIKES!!

Join members of Traffic not Transit Coalition in opposing fare hikes.


Today’s Headlines

Board of Supervisors "Poised to Reject" MTA Budget (KCBS) Will Muni Fare Hikes Really Raise New Revenue? (SFBG) Beyond Chron: "Muni Cuts Betray Promise of the Transit Effectiveness Project" Caltrain Board of Directors to Consider Fiscal Emergency, Higher Fares, Cuts (Merc) Downtown San Jose High-Speed Rail Would Benefit an A’s Stadium (Merc) SFCTA Study Released […]

Are Muni Service Woes and Fare Hikes Pushing People to Bikes?

Many San Francisco bicyclists got their start by apparently taking this sign’s message to heart. Flickr photo: mattymatt Could rounds of Muni service cuts and fare hikes push more people to start cycling in San Francisco? The MTA, which operates Muni, doesn’t have data on the phenomenon, but anecdotally, it’s already happening. For Christopher Janson, […]

This Week: Another Chance to Speak Against a Muni Fare Hike

This Thursday, the SFMTA holds the second of five town hall budget meetings, where riders can speak up for measures like extending parking meter hours, enforcing existing garage regulations, and other ways to address the agency’s shortfall without imposing a fare hike on Muni riders. There’s also plenty in store for the weekend, including the […]