Making the Best of Having Your Bicycle Stolen

Picture_5.pngScreenshot from the Stolen Bikes Database website

With spring here and nice weather, a lot of us will be riding our bikes more often, which means thieves will be on the prowl for poorly locked bikes. For anyone who has had a bicycle stolen, there are few feelings as dreadful. The SFBC has a great resource page with tips on how to secure your bike properly and what to do if you lose it, including calls to the SFPD and posts on Craigslist.

If you have had your bike stolen, a new website is building off of that loss and attempting foster a community of people who are in the same predicament. Stolen Bikes Database, a project started by CHS Consulting Group’s Nino Genoese, allows users to geocode the location where their bicycle was stolen and share a description of the circumstances.  It also serves allows you to see high theft areas on a map.

As Genoese writes on the website, "I’ve had my bike stolen from me and so have you.  My goal for this
database is to first maybe provide a channel for someone to find and
return a stolen bike and second spread awareness of the locations of
higher incidence and maybe decrease the occurrence of bike theft."

Many of you have already watched this excellent Streetfilm with a bike mechanic from New York City as he grades the quality of the locks people use to lock up, but if you aren’t sure you’re locking your bike properly, we would recommend checking it out again.  Safe riding!

  • How about these guys for registering your bike?

  • Whoops….here’s the link….

  • EBBC has a great resource for theft prevention and reporting:

    I’m not sure if it’s linked into the database referenced above, but it gets a lot of traffic and seems a good place to report your bike stolen.

    I would love a place to report sad-looking bikes – the ones that appear to be prime targets, or that have already been stripped of wheels – and help folks avoid theft and/or donate their stripped bike pieces to Cycles of Change or some similar bike charity. Ideas?

  • mcas

    …at least we’re not in NYC:

  • Better yet, register and TAG yo bike BEFORE anything happens to it.

    And the best part, it’s free…..

  • What to do if you find a lot of bikes that look like they
    were stolen? I called the police, no response? I would
    like to get these back to who they belong to.


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