Woman Hits Caltrans Worker, Claims He Didn’t Jump Fast Enough


This just in from the "you’ve got to be sh*tting me" files: an Oregon woman, Catherine Stotts, 62, who was driving illegally in the construction lane of Route 20 in Mendocino County Tuesday afternoon, hit a Caltrans worker and then had the nerve to suggest he should have jumped out of the way faster to avoid her.


Let me repeat that: a woman driving illegally in a construction lane was upset her victim didn’t jump out of the way fast enough when she plowed into him and the guard rail he tried to jump behind!

From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat report:

She was driving in the closed construction lane and passing other westbound vehicles when she rounded a curve and saw Sears, who was working on foot in the closed lane, the CHP said.

Stotts braked and Sears tried to jump over a guardrail but the van struck both the railing and Sears, the CHP said.

Stotts told officers she was driving in the construction lane because she was not used to driving on new asphalt and that she thought Sears could have jumped faster, the CHP said.

Fortunately the Caltrans employee survived, though he was seriously injured. Stotts was charged with reckless driving.

How about assault with a deadly weapon!?


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