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Today on the Network, Ohio member blog Xing Columbus questions a recent article in The Columbus Dispatch
that attributes Franklin County pedestrian fatalities to carelessness
on the part of the victim. According to a Columbus police officer
interviewed in the story, local people killed by cars are usually
jaywalking or "just walking in the road" -- where "you might not see a
person until you’re right on top of them."

ohioped.jpgPhoto: Columbus Dispatch

Even if all the statements are true, I didn’t like the tone of thearticle. It seemed like pedestrians were being blamed for their owndeaths. One might think that the driver of a vehicle capable ofkilling someone might be held responsible for hitting people in theroadway at least some of the time.

Columbus wonders if local police have data to back up their claims, as
none was cited in the article. An August 13 editorial in the Sacramento Bee,
however, points to a study from the UC Berkeley Traffic Safety Center
showing that "more than 80 percent of crosswalk collisions are related
to driver behavior."

So some skepticism is in order when drivers say, "the pedestrian ran(darted, dashed) in front of me" or "came out of nowhere" -- especiallywhen the pedestrian is unconscious (or dead), and there are nowitnesses at the scene.

of statistics, the prevailing sentiment seems to be that, by inserting
themselves into the domain of cars and drivers, pedestrians and
cyclists are asking for it.

Not that further proof is needed, but if you really want to get worked up, have a look at the comments on a weekend pedestrian fatality in Athens, Georgia. As friends of the victim expressed their condolences to his family, one Athens Banner-Herald reader wrote:

Whyis it that everyone can show sympathy to the person who caused theaccident but no one seems concerned with the real victim in all of this-- the driver who had to watch someone basically commit suicide on thefront bumper of his vehicle? My heart goes out to that driver. Thatmust have been a horrible situation to be forced into.

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