Today’s Headlines

  • SFCTA Report on Private Shuttle Services Due Thursday (SF Examiner)
  • Tenderloin Stabbing Suspect is Not Man who Stabbed Boy on Muni Bus (SFGate)
  • SamTrans to Lay Off 37 Bus Drivers After Cutting Operating Schedule (Merc)
  • Marin Transit Board Approves Bus Service Cuts (Marin IJ)
  • Daniel Borenstein: "BART board must stop micromanaging" (Oak Tribune)
  • CA High-Speed Rail Authority Hires New PR Firm, Citing "Misinformation" on Peninsula (MV Voice)
  • Gold Line Extension Opens in "Neglected" L.A. Neighborhood (LA Times)
  • L.A. and Orange County Diverge on Plan to Widen Freeway (LA Times)
  • Bob Herbert: American Infrastructure "Trundling Along Like a Jalopy" (NYT)
  • Rational Concerns About Safety Seem to Guide Philly PD’s Stepped Up Cycling Enforcement (Inquirer)
  • EL

    Given Philly’s experience with fatal collisions caused by bicyclists, is the SFBC & SF Streetsblog ready to support SFPD cycling enforcement as a pro-active measure to improving safety? They can start at 12th and Market.

  • zsolt

    Statistics don’t back up your point. If there’s an area that needs more enforcement and traffic design improvements in order to make things safer for pedestrians, it’s the area of motorized traffic.

  • EL

    Actually, the statistics do back up my point. Bicyclists are involved in 15% of all injury collisions in SF. Can anyone say with a straight face that cyclists receive 15% of citations issued by SFPD? Or is it your assumption that the cyclist is never at fault?