Cyclist Injured in Crash on the Wiggle

4118675334_59f91d7c43.jpgFlickr photo: Aimee Ellis, 2Girls1Queen

A bicyclist was seriously injured this afternoon after a woman driving an SUV struck him at the intersection of Haight and Pierce Streets. According to eyewitness accounts, he remained conscious after the crash, and was taken to the hospital by the Fire Department.

Elaine Santore from 2 Girls, 1 Queen sent in the above photo, which Aimee Ellis took shortly after the crash.

Alex Caroll, who works nearby at Burger Joint, witnessed the crash and was among the first to call for an ambulance. The bicyclist appeared to have suffered a broken leg or ankle, as well as a possible broken shoulder or collarbone, said Caroll. The bicyclist was traveling southbound on Pierce, and the SUV was traveling eastbound on Haight when it struck him. An SFPD officer was first to arrive on the scene, followed by the fire department, according to Caroll. Officers were still speaking to the driver when Caroll left a half hour later.

Ellis reports that the injured man was missing a shoe and was taken to the hospital in a fire truck.

SFPD spokesperson Sgt. Lyn Tomioka said the bicyclist remained conscious and breathing, and was not bleeding.

We will update with more details as they’re available.

  • Here’s a link to the crash site on Google Maps Street View.

    This is what the cyclist would have seen just as he was about to enter the intersection (minus the bus in the picture). It’s a small downhill.

    p.s. i vote for a timestamp on each post tacked onto the end of the date stamp.

  • Alexei

    Hum. Four way stop. Wonder if either one stopped.

  • CBrinkman

    Glad that it seems the cyclist wasn’t seriously injured. Both Wiggle intersections on the Haight are dodgy. Thankfully neither was going so fast that death occured.

    Slow speeds save lives.

  • Robo

    Not putting blame on anyone here, but…
    I go thru there everyday (I live 2 blocks away) and routinely see other cyclists blowing the stop signs at Haight, even when there are cars stopped already, and even when I stop, wave my arms, whatever. Not all, but too many do this. Besides being dangerous, it’s just plain rude and uncivilized. Cars and buses at this intersection usually stop, or at least attempt to. many cyclists don’t even slow down to yield r.o.w.
    It’s really bad PR for cyclists when they’re not civilised enough to yield to cars stopped in the intersection.

  • EL

    What? It’s usually only hours after a collision, where there’s an update or a follow-up article where SF Streetsblog reveals that the driver is at fault. Here we have a witness, and it’s been over 24 hours, and it’s an intersection where bicyclists routinely disregard the 4-way stop. Hmmm…. No update yet.

  • 🙁

  • An old rider

    From my motorcycle days, the one thing I learned, no matter if you have the right of way, if  you want to lock horns with 3000 pounds, you will loose.

  •  So you just decided to park your motorcycle and go nowhere?


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