Today’s Headlines

  • SF Examiner Reports on Efforts to Fix Fell/Divis Gas Station Hazard (BIKE NOPA)
  • San Mateo Looks to Create a "Safe and Logical" Bicycle Network (SF Examiner)
  • Residents Complain San Mateo Development Will Create More Auto Traffic (San Mateo Daily Journal)
  • "The Hidden Costs of Health Care" for AC Transit (Living in the O
  • SMART Plans New Office in Santa Rosa (North Bay Business Journal
  • CHSRB Debunks the Reason Foundation’s Attack Against High-Speed Rail 
  • The Examiner Praises the SFPD’s Efforts to Crackdown on Muni Crime 
  • The NY Times Wants Federal Oversight for Transit Safety
  • Bicyclists Will Be Allowed on Sacramento’s K Street Mall Again (Sac Cycle Chic, Sac Bee)
  • Philadelphia Bike Messengers to Protest Plan to Register Bikes, Ban Fixies (
  • Press Democrat: "Factions Join Forces Over Sonoma Mountain Village" 
  • This Will Be the Most Intensely Reported Incident of Careless Driving in a Long Time (CNN)

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