Today’s Headlines

  • Bail Set at $5 Million for Muni Stabbing Suspect (SFGate, KGO, SF Appeal)
  • Muni Drivers’ Union Head Rips Upcoming Service Changes (The Snitch)
  • A Last Look at the 26-Valencia (Mission Loc@l)
  • Increased Muni Operator Absenteeism Eating up Scarce Funds (SF Examiner)
  • Three Children Injured by out-of-Control Driver in Daly City (KGO)
  • BIKE NOPA Has Pictures of First City-Installed Bike Racks in Three Years
  • More on the City’s Newest Bike Lanes (KCBS)
  • Clear Channel Backs out of Bike-Sharing Program; Mayor Furious (City Insider)
  • Private Parking Company Owes the MTA $146,000, Audit Finds (City Insider)
  • Major Mid-Market Development Hinges on Underground Parking, Say Retailers and Investors (SFGate)
  • CAHSRA Board Votes to Reexamine Portion of Pacheco Pass Routing (Merc)

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  • Well, wasn’t yesterday fun with all our guests?

    Anyway, very sad (though not surprised) to hear they are pushing for more parking, RE Major Mid-Market. There are so many transit options in that area, but the car shall reign supreme. Yes, you can have underground, off street parking, but where are those cars going to go when they leave the nest? They are going to choke up our city streets and put stress on parking in other areas of town. Not to mention slow down MUNI. Where is Rob Anderson when you need him?

  • Yesterday with the SFgate link was fascinating indeed mike, much more so about the way online fora work than anything having to do with livable streets issues.

    Online comment rolls just break down when there is such a big, anonymous pool. I was intrigued though about the link, and wondering whether the chron will continue to link to SB stories and the way in which that will grow a different kind of audience for SB that really needs to see more news covered from this perspective.

  • Agreed. And like you said, hopefully SB can show a wider range of people another perspective – one out from behind the windshield.

    I think the thing that scares me the most is the anger and hate in the rants from people operating very large and dangerous machines. I understand that some of it comes from being anonymous and 99% of drivers just get upset and go on their way, but all it takes is one. I guess the only thing we can do is just be more aware and courteous when riding/walking.

  • My job moderating comments sure took off yesterday. We deleted quite a few from the thread. I agree with you both that it’s important we reach a broader audience. We’ll have some exciting news about this in the next month.