Today’s Headlines

  • Bay Area Transit Riders Face More Cuts, Fare Increases in 2010 (SF Gate, Roadshow)
  • BART, AC Transit to Beef Up Security for New Year’s (Matier & Ross)
  • Fired Muni Driver Files Suit Alleging Wrongful Termination and Discrimination (The Snitch)
  • 7-year-old Oakland Boy Riding Bicycle Critically Injured by SUV Driver (BCN via CBS5)
  • Woman Gets Home Detention and Probation for Attack on Parking Control Officer (SF Gate)
  • San Jose’s "Strong Neighborhood Initiative" Hit Hard by State Cuts (Merc)
  • San Rafael Crossing Guard Arrested for DUI, Hitting Woman and Toddler in Crosswalk (Marin IJ)
  • Auto VMT Still Dropping Nationwide (New Republic)
  • Latest Hope for Keeping Americans Hooked on Driving: 90 Years’ Worth of Natural Gas (AP)
  • Contra Costa County Firefighters to Give Away 400 Bicycles to Kids (BCN via CBS5)
  • Is anyone lobbying the Board of Sups (or the Mayor, though that is a joke) about getting some SFMTA relief in the form of raised parking rates? The sad thing is that the fast pass price will never go back down. And with Prince Newsom and Fat Cat Ford in charge, we’ll never see significant improvements.

  • Nick

    People on the street are pissed about the new $70 fast pass. 6 months ago it was $45 for the same service. That’s an extra $300 a year to take BART into downtown from some of the poorer neighbrohoods in the southeast section of the city. That’s an absolute scandal if you ask me.