Today’s Headlines

  • Schwarzenegger Has the Gall to Consider Raiding Transit Funds Again (LAT, SF Examiner)
  • Transit Agencies Nationwide Continue to Face Deficits and Cuts (WSJ)
  • Transit Ridership Apparently Down Across the Country But Not in San Francisco (City Insider)
  • MTA Asking Vendors to Reduce Contracts by 3 Percent to Help Shave Deficit (SF Examiner
  • NY Times: San Francisco’s "Ambitious Downtown Transit Project is at Hand" 
  • Port of Oakland Truckers Get Help to Comply With New Environmental Rules (KCBS, ABC7, SFBG)
  • Proposal Would Require California Developers to Study Effects of Freeway Pollution (Coco Times)
  • Two North Bay Cities Refuse Money for Dense Development Along SMART Rail Line (Marin IJ)
  • Chronicle Writes About Adam Greenfield’s Year of Living Truly Car-Free (SF Gate)
  • Palo Alto to Begin Planting 60 Trees on California Avenue (Palo Alto Online)
  • Will 2010 Be the Year That States Get Serious About Outlawing Distracted Driving? (NYT)
  • Achtung! Bono Wants to Revive Boomer Fantasy of Sexy Cars (NYT)

More headlines at Streetsblog Capitol Hill.

  • I read an article in the Examiner this weekend about the MTC’s plans to spend $500,000 to re-name (ah hem, re-brand) Translink to ‘Clipper.’ Some spokesperson quoted suggested the new name will make commuters think of the Clipper ships that helped build the bay area more than one hundred years ago.

    Personally, I do not really want to commute on a multi-sailed barque when I’m heading to work…

  • First off, welcome back – I missed Streetsblog dearly.

    I also read that Examiner. Kudos to them for finally pointing the finger at the state for raiding transit funding. Yes, there are some structural problems with MUNI, but when you start taking a sizable chunk of their funding away – things fall apart fast.