SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Cities in Asia Minor: A contemporary take on the urbanism of ancient empires

"Asia minor, present day Turkey, is rich in cities from numerous cultures built over thousands of years. Eva Liebermann, a veteran urban designer who has worked in San Francisco for over 30 years, will discuss urban elements from the ancient port city of Troy, Hattusa, the capital of the Hittite empire, as well as show examples of Hellenistic and Roman cities, Byzantine rock dwellings, the "Caves of God" and a mixed-use development of Seljuk times." 


This Week in Livable Streets Events

Last week, many of you came out to support Streetsblog at its first birthday party. This week, lend a hand to efforts to make the Bay Bridge accessible for all users, redirect funds from the Oakland Airport Connector to struggling local transit agencies, and raise money to help those affected by the Haiti earthquake. Here […]

NACTO to Take Safer Street Designs to Developing World Cities

Last year, the National Association of City Transportation Officials brought us the Urban Street Design Guide, and now it’s going global. During the organization’s national conference in San Francisco last Thursday, NACTO chair and former New York City transportation commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan announced that it will be developing a “Global Street Design Guide” to help developing […]

SPUR Forum: Ancient Roman City Planning

From SPUR: Ancient Rome was very much an urban culture whose city planning traditions evolved through direct contact with the Greeks and Etruscans. Urban designer Eva Liebermann will show how the Romans adapted previous planning practices for their own purposes and created thriving cities with the use of new materials (particularly concrete); the introduction of […]

Mercedes Exploits the Daredevil Cyclist Stereotype

You might have seen it making the rounds over the last couple of days — the new Mercedes ad in which NYC bike messenger Austin Horse challenges a driver in one of the company’s luxury vehicles to a race from Harlem to the Fulton Ferry landing in Brooklyn. There are many irritating things about the […]

Peru’s Traffic Menagerie

Our daily urban lives shape our imaginations in so many ways. Few things box us in like our everyday transit options, and the patterns of traffic that shape our sense of public space. These patterns themselves are historical of course. A quick look back at the famous Market Street film shot a few days before […]