Rally to Support Bike/Ped Access Across the Bay Bridge

From Streetsblog contributor Janel Sterbentz: 

On January 27, the Bay Area Toll Authority (BATA) will vote on a bridge
toll increase that has the potential to complete the multi-modal
pathway from the East Bay to San Francisco.

Now is the time
for you to come to the meeting to support the West Span Bicycle
Pedestrian Maintenance Pathway. If you can’t make it to the meeting
write your representatives today and tell them to make the Bay Bridge
the world-class structure it should be – one that offers access for all
types of users to the entire Bay Bridge, not just half of it.

Please arrive by 9am as the room may fill by 9:30. Fill
out a speaker card and hold a sign/banner. We will have talking points
for you as a handout. We need you to speak to how important this
facility is to you and to all. You may hear objections that they lack
the power to fund the path now: a process is underway to clarify this
and restore their power if need be. We want them to take the strongest
action possible to ensure the West Span path opens with the East Span,
for shore-to-shore access.


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1.  Roll Call Action: Confirm Quorum 2.  Pledge of Allegiance 3.  Chair’s Report Presented by: Haggerty Action: Information 4.  Consent: Action: Authority Approval a)  Minutes – February 25, 2009 meeting.* • 4a_February_25_2009_BATA_Minutes.pdf Draft BATA Oversight Committee minutes of April 8, 2009.* • 4a_April_8_2009_BATA_O_Minutes.pdf 5.  BATA Oversight Committee Presented by: Chair Dodd Action: Authority Approval a)  Annual Information […]

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