SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Transit 2.0: A public and private perspective

"Steven Peterson of the transit application organization Routesy will join Todd Spiekerman and Carol Kuester, who manage the Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s 511.com service, to discuss the hurdles and success stories of their interactive transit planning website. 511.com has successfully tied together data from transit services throughout the Bay Area, making it possible to easily plan trips on transit, even across multiple services. Routesy, meanwhile, has shown that the private sector can compete, combining smoothly integrated transit data with the portability of the iPhone. Hear what has developed and what is yet to come at the intersection of transit and tech." 


Does NextBus Own Real-Time Muni Data?

Courtesy: SF Appeal Last week I tried to download the real-time transit data application Routesy from the Apple Store, only to find that the Store didn’t carry it. Some friends had recommended the application as an improvement over iBART and iMuni, which only provide the static schedules published by the transit operators, not real-time data. […]

Overcoming the Barriers to a Seamless Bay Area Transit Experience

Ratna Amin is SPUR’s Transportation Policy Director. This piece originally appeared in SPUR’s The Urbanist. The Bay Area’s prosperity is threatened by fragmentation in the public transit system: Riders and decision-makers contend with more than two dozen transit operators. Inconsistent transit experiences and disjointed planning and investment make our transit system less efficient, less usable, […]

New Website Prompts Transit Agencies to Open Data to the Public

The software developers and open data advocates at Front Seat, known more familiarly for their Walk Score rankings of the most walkable U.S. cities, have turned their focus on transit agencies that have resisted opening transit data to third-party, open-source developers. Their new website, City-Go-Round, is an effort to encourage agencies to release their schedules […]