TransForm TransForay: Movie Night: Documentary “Taken for a Ride”

"We’ll watch the excellent documentary "Taken for a Ride", which tells the heartbreaking story of how public transportation was systematically dismantled in the mid-1900’s. (Warning: you may cry when you see streetcars being torched.)Then we’ll lighten things up with some hilarious clips from the 1950’s promoting the suburbs and imagining life "in the future". 

Viewing will run from 6-7:30, with attendees invited to stay and chat
until 8pm."


Spot-By-Spot, or Route-By-Route? SFMTA Refines Its Bicycle Strategy

The SF Municipal Transportation Agency is pondering the most effective way to improve the city’s bicycle network in the coming years as it rolls out its Bicycle Strategy: Should planners focus bicycle improvements on dangerous and stressful spots throughout the city, or focus on upgrading major bike corridors to the highest quality of comfort first? Tim Papandreou, […]

Reviewing the Policing of Critical Mass

Now that the new police chief has announced he is going to "review" department procedures with respect to Critical Mass, I think it might be a good time to "review" the history of the relationship between Critical Mass and the police. I have to emphasize that this relationship has evolved in the context of a […]