Dolores Park Church, 455 Dolores St

"Work on the peninsula? Interested in riding your bike to work? Then come join the SF2G group (SF to Google) for their monthly First Friday Friendly Frolic! FFFF is a fun, low-key, no-rider-left-behind commute from SF to points down the peninsula — San Mateo, Foster City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino, etc. SF2G takes a nice, flat-ish route out of the city, sticking mostly to bike paths and marked bike lanes, and at a moderate pace everyone can handle. Approx. 9:30am arrival in Mountain View."


SFBC: SF2G Meet and Mingle

From Do you live in San Francisco and commute down the Peninsula? Dreamed of bicycling your commute to the South Bay but not sure how to get started? Meet the loosely organized and tightly knit SF2G. SF2G is a group of cyclists in the Bay Area that commutes from San Francisco down the Peninsula […]

SF 2 Google First Friday Friendly Frolic

From SFBC: Ready to try out your first SF2G (SF to Google)? Want to make sure you get there in one piece and without getting lost? Join SF2G for their No Rider Left Behind (NRLB) First Friday Friendly Frolic rides! Depart at 6:30, arrival in Mountain View area ~9:45am. for all details

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More Coverage of SFMTA Vote on Two-Year Budget Yesterday (Examiner, SF Gate) SFCTA Delays Vote on $7 Million Request from SFMTA (City Insider, Examiner) Board of Supes President David Chiu Talks SFMTA Reform (Bay Guardian) Geary BRT Planners Weigh Prioritizing Riders or Parking (Examiner) SFMTA Proposes New Traffic Safety Measure for Golden Gate at Masonic […]