Today’s Headlines

  • Chronicle Editorial Says SPUR Alternative Budget Has "Plenty to Hate," But Better Than Cuts
  • Will the MTA Board Consider SPUR Alternative Budget Proposals? (NBC) (SF Weekly)
  • Muni Could Extend Fiscal Emergency Designation at Meeting Today (KCBS) (SF Gate)
  • A Closer Look at the Growing Chorus of San Franciscans Upset With Muni (SFBG)
  • "March Against Muni" Protest Draws Crowd (ABC) (CBS) (KCBS) (SF Weekly) (SF Appeal)
  • Willie Brown Calls Elsbernd Muni Operator Ballot Measure a "Slam Dunk" (SF Gate)
  • Mike’s Bikes Sends Nearly 500 Bikes to Africa, Pledges Money for Repairs (Marin IJ)
  • Family of Pinole Teen Killed by Train Friday Demands Safety Changes (CoCo Times) (ABC) (SF Gate)
  • Two People Shot on AC Transit Bus Will Survive (CoCo Times) (Oak Trib)
  • Palo Alto Mayor Calls for Infrastructure Fixes, Red Light Cameras (Merc)
  • Tesla Moves Into Its New Palo Alto Headquarters (Merc)
  • Planning Begins for 50-Acre Bay Bridge Park (CBS)
  • Marin Mall Seeking LEED Cert Gives Best Parking Spots to Fuel-Efficient Cars, Others Cry Foul (CBS)
  • I didn’t have space to editorialize on the Marin Mall headline, but watch that report and tell me that’s not one of the more ridiculous stories you seen recently? They interview a 10-year old to get his opinion on parking spaces? And how can a mall get a LEED certification?? Wouldn’t they have to rip up all the parking and make people walk or ride bikes before a mall could every be “green”?

  • Oh ok, I saw pictures and not everyone was carrying the “fast-pass” signs so I thought maybe there was a 2nd march of MUNI operators showing support, not opposition, to MUNI.

    I saw the headline and thought the same myself, why not just give the prime parking to bikes?

  • Just watched the video – high school AV project anyone? So it’s fair that a mall gets built and ruins a downtown shopping district? And it’s fair that you pretty much have to have a car to live in Marin, let alone shop at the mall? The first lady should be complaining that she has to own/operate a vehicle in the first place and not that some people have fancier ones then her.

  • The SF Weekly and SF Appeal posts go into it more. Thanks Matthew.