Today’s Headlines

  • State Money Could Mean Fewer Transit Cuts, Fare Hikes (KALW, NBC, CBS)
  • But Muni Not Necessarily Using it All to Reverse Service Cuts (BCN via Appeal)
  • SF Cable Car Upgrade Coming After Nearly 30 Years (SF Gate)
  • Passenger Hurt in Muni Bus Crash (CBS) (ABC)
  • Discounted Translink Cards Available for San Mateo Workers (SF Weekly)
  • Sepastopol Could Start Car-Free Sunday Ciclovias (Press Dem)
  • North Bay Commuters Really Wish They Had a Train Right About Now (Press Dem)
  • Driver Arrested in SF After Hit and Run Involving Child (CoCo Times)
  • New State Bill Will Toughen DUI Penalties (CoCo Times)
  • Caltrain: Ending High Speed Rail in San Jose Won’t Lessen Peninsula Impacts (Merc)
  • Copenhagenize to World: Please Stop Using the Phrase "Avid Cyclists"
  • Meligrosa Argues That Mixtes Are the New Fixies, Sans All the Attitude and Tattoos
  • GM’s New Concept Car Folds Up For Storage in Apartment Foyer (Merc)
  • The Supposed Independence of Cars (Cap’n Transit)
  • I’m going to enter to get the Translink. I think it’ll be a pain in the ass on Caltrain because I’ll have to remember to tag on and off (as opposed to just getting on and having my pass on me), but this deal is probably worth it since I can just pop some money and not worry about carrying change for MUNI.

  • Lots of good reads today, thanks guys.

    On the DUI situation, when you make people drive to every daily activity – driving to (and from) the bar just makes sense. How about in conjunction with making the penalties stiffer, we realize the landscape we created for the last 70 yrs is “driving” people to drink and drive.
    Coming from the upper midwest, it was pretty much a way of life. You drive to the bank, school, grocery store, post office, and then the bar. Yeah, people would bitch and moan about driving drunk, but you could nearly always talk yourself into believing that you only had a couple and that you’ll be fine. But when you like 5-10 “unwalkable” miles from the watering hole, public transit doesn’t exist in any city within 100 miles of you, and you’ll for sure get a stiff parking ticket – logic flies right out the window.

  • Actually, I just educated myself on using Translink with Caltrain monthly passes. It appears you only have to tag on/off the first day of the month which is awesome. That was really my only hang up with the Translink card. It also appears to work well with Wage Works – knock on wood.

  • Joseph

    I’m thinking right now might be a good time to write the MTA board and remind them that “the customer comes first.”

    MTA can allocate state money to placate different groups and stakeholders that were angered during the latest budget fiasco. They should resist this political pressure and do everything in their power to eliminate the proposed service cuts.

    The goal of the MTA is “Providing timely, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation alternatives…SFMTA enhances the quality of life of San Francisco” (strategic plan). To achieve this statement MTA needs to focus on their customer, not other vested interests.