Today’s Headlines

  • SF Supes to Hear Appeal of Muni Fiscal Emergency Today (SF Weekly)
  • Matier and Ross Ask Whether High Speed Rail is a Boon or a Boondoggle
  • Chron Editorial: BART Fare Cut Proposal Is Political Posturing
  • New SPUR Exhibit Looks at 2,500 Years of Cities (SF Gate)
  • John King’s Detailed Column on Treasure Island Development (SF Gate)
  • Bike NOPA Gives Us a Closer Look at New City College Bike Racks
  • Bike Thieves Targeting Garages in Richmond, Sunset (Examiner)
  • Choosing Art or Money as a Street-Corner Busker (Bold Italic)
  • Sonoma Planners Revive Vehicle Registration Fee Increase (Press Dem)
  • NY Times Reporter Awarded Pulitzer for Distracted Driving Pieces (Fast Lane)
  • What time is the Supes meeting today?

  • 2 pm.

  • I saw a couple of our Berkeley NIMBYs giving Telegraph Ave. merchants and street vendors signs opposing Bus Rapid Transit with the following two statements on them:

    “We back public transit” (but they don’t mention that they oppose this public transit project and we have never done anything to back public transit in the past, never gone to a hearing or even written a letter in support of any other public transit project)

    “Final decision April 20” (but they don’t mention that they council will hold a hearing on April 20 but won’t vote until April 27, and then it is not making its final decision on what will be built, just deciding on what to study in the FEIR)

    Here is an excerpt from an opinion piece I have in the current Berkeley Daily Planet:

    Shortly before the Planning Commission hearing on Bus Rapid Transit, a Telegraph Ave. business sent email to its customers saying they should oppose BRT because “Even the environmental report indicates that traffic will increase beyond any standard threshold in no less than 30 locations in Berkeley during commute hours.”

    This claim is completely false. The DEIR says clearly that BRT will not cause a significant degradation of level of service at any intersection in Berkeley.

    The email had a number of other blatant falsehoods, but we cannot blame this business for them, because the email also said that these are “the facts as they have been presented to us by local concerned citizens.”

    Anyone who follows local politics knows that it is easier to organize against a proposed change than to organize for it. If “concerned citizens” use scare tactics among those who are immediately impacted, they will have no trouble getting a few dozen people out to speak at a city meeting on any issue.

    But a few dozen people do not make a majority. If you want to know what the majority thinks, you should put an issue on the ballot. The majority of Berkeley voters care about the environment, and they showed their overwhelming support for BRT when this issue was on the ballot and 77% voted against Measure KK.

  • Nick

    Re: Bike theft in garages in the Sunset and Richmond

    Add Laurel Heights/Pacific Heights to this list. From reading Craigslist, it seems like some of the houses are scoped for high-end bikes.

    I’d like to see Streetsblog to a story on bike theft. SFPD has 600 unclamied bikes in their storage facility in Hunter’s Point.

    Or alternately, a story on the underground economy of bike theft. Those unrecovered bikes are sold at auction by the truckload to people in the know.

  • Any word on the supes meeting?