Today’s Headlines

  • Must Read: SF Weekly’s Exhaustive SFMTA Report, The Muni Death Spiral
  • SF Supes Reject Appeal of Muni Service Cuts (SF Gate, Examiner, SF Weekly, SF Appeal)
  • Muni Drivers and Management at Impasse on Key Issues (SF Gate, Examiner)
  • The Windshield Perspective Starts With the First Line of Cesar Chavez Piece (SF Gate)
  • How to Improve SF’s Division Street for Pedestrians (Pedestrianist)
  • New Mini Parks to Go Up at Freeway Off-Ramps (SF Gate)
  • SF Planning Dept. to Hold Meeting on Mission Streetscape Plan (Examiner)
  • Golden Gate Transit Proposes Service Cuts (Press Dem)
  • Santa Rosa Council Raises Parking Rates (Press Dem)
  • Annual Benicia Cycling Event Canceled (CoCo Times)
  • Re: the SFgate article on freeway off-ramp mini parks. The article writes about the off-ramps:

    “…city officials are calling them, “gateways” to the city.”

    Do we really want freeway off ramps to ever count as ‘gateways’ to the city? I’m against improving the area around on and off ramps if the idea is to make it a more pleasant environment for fresh-off-the-freeway drivers. Why not focus on getting rid of more of these on and off ramps and making parks and gardens on the old infrastructure, a la the hayes valley farm?

  • @SF Weekly: Some good points. I don’t care much for the last 3 paragraphs though. No one is adverse to having people who agree with the central subway in those meetings. They are more then welcome. Also, saying that all of Chinatown is for the central subway is pretty generic and extremely over simplified. And I was at the Summit, I don’t recall anyone even saying the word “Hitler”. Why spend all that time writing a well thought out piece only to end it with such hyperbole?

  • And Greg, don’t take offense. I thought you did a great job, but why did it end that way? It was like an awesome movie that just kinda petered out.

  • I agree there was a ton of oversimplification in the very short amount that was said about the transit summit, and really how can you write a fair appraisal of a brand new movement in a few sentences? But it does bring up one very good point: they have to walk a very fine line between uniting all Muni riders to build a politically powerful organization and being so deferential that they cannot take an official position on any issue and alienate the mainstream.

    While things like the central subway may simply be to complex and contentious, if strong positions can’t be taken on things like stop consolidation and work rule reform, I think it will be trouble. But as I said it’s way to early to be making judgements, and I’ll be rooting for them!

  • But overall big thanks to SF Weekly for writing a balanced, in-depth article that hilights a lot of great statistics and getting the billing it deserves in front of a lot of San Franciscans (while the Chronicle is MIA on transit issues as usual).

    As they point out, this is all stuff we have known for years, and it’s a shame that it takes a meltdown to get anyone but policy wonks and narrowly focused special interest groups to take notice!

  • SteveS, well put.