Apparently It’s Pretty Easy to Be a Pothole Fixin’ Hero

Hero1_fullstrip_x_small.jpgClick image to enlarge. Image: Jonas Madden-Connor and François Vigneault

You don’t even need X-ray vision. All you gotta do is call 311.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition’s (SFBC) Turn ‘Em In Campaign has attempted to raise awareness among cyclists about how easy it is to fix potholes and help the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW) improve the conditions of the streets, especially those along the bike network. Organizers are happy with the response.

"We have succeeded in raising the awareness of the 311 tool and that
it’s really easy for individuals to pull over, call it in, and fix their
streets," said the SFBC’s Neal Patel, who also noted the campaign doesn’t stop at the end of the month. "Fixing streets hazards is something you can do any time, any where."

In addition to the fun comic strip in this post, the SFBC encourages those interested in the fate of their streets to partake in Good Roads Campaign events, with the monthly Good Roads Ride Saturday and a special ride on Monday celebrating the new surface on the West end of JFK Drive in Golden Gate Park.

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