Deadline For TransForm’s Car-Free Challenge Nearing

The deadline to sign up for TransForm’s annual Car-Free Challenge is quickly approaching and the group is hopeful the event will raise awareness about the impact driving has on the climate, particularly in light of the recent oil spill in the Gulf.

TransForm’s Marta Lindsey said that numerous participants in the challenge have said the decision to drive less has been motivated in part by the BP Deep Horizons disaster. "It’s a small gesture, but I think it’s important," she said.

One of the bigger challenges to organizing the event this year, according to Lindsey, is the ubiquitous transit service cuts that have made alternatives to driving that much less convenient.

"One thing that is really sad is it’s a lot more difficult to go car-free this year than last because of all the public funding cuts," she said.

The event is a fundraiser for TransForm and the money raised will contribute to their advocacy in Sacramento to restore state transit funding.

Streetsblog will be profiling several Car-Free Challenge participants throughout the course of the event, so please let us know if you’re taking the challenge and if you want to tell your story by writing us at


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