Today’s Headlines

  • MTC to Reshuffle Federal Transit Dollars; Muni, Caltrain Could Benefit (City Insider)
  • BART Considering Using Surplus on Program to Clean Train Interiors (SF Examiner)
  • More Overhead Wire Problems Delay Muni Metro Service (BCN via KTVU)
  • One of the Bay Area’s Worst Polluters, Valero, Working to Undo AB 32 (Bay Citizen)
  • Obama Must Turn Gulf Crisis Into Moon Shot for Green, Efficient Economy (Dot
  • Ray LaHood Talks About His Cycling and Walking Declaration in NPR
  • Movement to Name the Castro Plaza After the Late Jane Warner (Bay Area Reporter)
  • Has Critical Mass Helped or Hurt the Bicycle Cause in San Francisco? (SFCritical
  • Voters Who Bike Play Prominent Role in Davis Politics (News 10)
  • Fog City Journal: "Newsom’s Lie on Sit/Lie"
  • American Motorists Pay a High Price for Low Gas Taxes (Infrastructurist)
  • If Bus Stops Become
    Parking Spots
    , at Least Charge a Fair Price (WYDNKBYANM)

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  • Read this article this morning coming to work.

    My favorite quote:

    Kheel made the same point a decade later, in a New York magazine cover story arguing against another fare increase: “Any balanced analysis will surely prove that the taxpayer actually pays, for every person who chooses to drive to and from work in his own car, an indirect subsidy at least 10 times as great as the indirect subsidy now paid the mass-transit rider.”

    The thread running through these essays is a concept familiar to all economists: the problem of negative externalities, costs that accrue when the self-interested actions of one person leave bystanders worse off.

  • Mike – from that article:

    “Buses are always free, because the time saved when passengers aren’t fumbling for change more than makes up for the lost fare revenue.”

    That is amazing. Muni, are you listening..?

  • Oh yes! And MUNI isn’t listening. Fingers are planted firmly in ears.