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Sunday Streets

Mission Sunday Streets Sees Huge Turnout, Lots of Families

24th_crowd.jpgThe view down 24th Street from Valencia at 1 pm. Photos: Matthew Roth.

The first 2010 Sunday Streets in the Mission drew huge crowds for five hours yesterday, with countless young kids learning to ride and enjoying the car-free space. Organizers estimated approximately 25,000 people came out, though I could have been convinced attendance was higher given the dense foot and bicycle traffic along the route. 

Unlike last year, Valencia Street was nearly as crowded with people as 24th Street, making it difficult at times to ride a bicycle. This year organizers added Harrison Street between 16th and 26th Streets as the newest piece of the route. Susan King, primary Sunday Streets organizer at Livable City, said Harrison was added because they needed more room for the crowds, especially cyclists.

As such, Harrison was clearly the route for those who wanted to pick up some speed on their bicycles, with a long descent toward 16th Street and plenty of room to ride relaxed. Check out more of my photos below and be sure to come out July 11th if you weren't able to attend this month.

I_heart_our_earth.jpgLearning to ride on Harrison St, with mom close by.
Valencia_crowd.jpgThe view down Valencia St, much more crowded than last year.
Family_of_Four.jpgThe death of the mini-van began with this bike.
Stud_on_a_Radio_Flyer.jpgHe's already a little stud with his Radio Flyer.
Deep_with_skateboarders.jpgDeep picked up a few passengers.
Hula_girl.jpgHula hoops and roller scates at the CORA corner.
Traffic_Volunteers.jpgSome of the wonderful volunteers keeping an eye on vehicular traffic.
future_meli.jpgI bet this is what Meli was doing when she was this age!
girl_on_barbie_bike.jpgDoesn't this girl bear a strong resemblance to this girl? Graduating to a new bike a year later?
Ritual.jpgGetting their caffeine on at Ritual's on-street living room.
Defend_SF.jpgRemember Dylan Riley? Love the San Francisco update to the "Defend Brooklyn" shirts.
tall_unicycle.jpgSurprised he wasn't juggling too.

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