SPUR Lunchtime Forum: Disasters and transportation systems

"When a major earthquake hits the Bay Area, we will experience power
failures for electric transit modes, including BART and Muni, and
highways and surface streets will fail due to bridge collapses and the
accumulation of debris. What should we do now in order to safely and
quickly restore these crucial links? With the authors of SPUR’s latest
Resilient City policy report: transportation experts Irene Avetyan,
Christopher Barkley, Anthony Bruzzone, Sarah Karlinsky
and Brian Stokle."


Congestion Pricing: Vital for Funding a Sustainable Transpo Future in SF

Take a shot at budgeting San Francisco’s future transportation revenue with the new online “Budget Czar” simulator from the SF County Transportation Authority, and it will quickly become clear: If residents want better transit and safer streets for walking and biking over the next 25 years, the city needs to collect new sources of transportation revenue […]