Today’s Headlines

  • Mayor Newsom, Wife Made Investment in Oil Rig Involved in Gulf Disaster (Matier & Ross)
  • Kerry, Lieberman, Obama Buckle on Climate Bill (Politico,
  • No Decision Yet on Whether Transpo Emissions Will Be Capped (Transpo
  • Half of Recent Muni Service Cuts to Be Rolled Back in September (SF Gate)
  • Bay Citizen: "Union Prez Picks Sides in Muni Reform"
  • SF Rally to Support Federal Legislation That Would Help Local Transit Agencies (SF Appeal)
  • Irvine Works on Setting Up an "Ambitious Bus System" Where the "Car Has
    Been King" (OC
  • IBM Report: Motorists Fed Up With Other Motorists (NY
  • Guardian Writer Rails Against New Bridge Tolls as An Attack on Working-Class Drivers (SFBG)
  • Construction of Bay Bridge Eastern Span Now 50 Percent Complete (CBS5
  • Driver Dies in "Fiery Crash" with Recycling Truck on Bay Bridge (SF Gate)
  • Bill Would Lower Fines for Ca. Drivers Who Turn Right on a Red Light (Roadshow)
  • SFMTA Implements New Traffic Design on Fell Near Problematic Arco Station (BIKE NOPA)
  • Columnist Wants to Drastically Remap California High-Speed Rail Proposal (Merc)
  • The Examiner Has a Few More Details on the SFPD/SFBC Effort to Catch Bike Thieves 
  • @SFBG, what do you say? I know she probably thinks that costs are on her shoulders only, but what happens when gas prices go up? What happens when gas taxes go up? What happens when property taxes go up to pay for the roads? Driving has been subsidized for so long that the Oakland Hills look cheap compared to the city, but that is changing and she is in for a shock.

  • I am surprised to see the Guardian publishing this sort of reactionary, anti-environment rant. Notice the sense of entitlement: “My solution would be to build a public transit network that actually works. And push harder to create housing stock that families can afford.” And how do we pay for building those things, if there are rants like this opposing any increase in taxes – even an increase in taxes on behavior that is obviously environmentally destructive.

    It reminds me of the Republican position on global warming: spend more to subsidize clean energy, but don’t increase the deficit and don’t raise taxes – particularly not taxes on dirty energy. The only problem is that it is mathematically impossible.

  • Unbelievable on the ARCO stuff. Why are we so willing to take crap stop-gap measures when the coalition and the city know that what needs to happen at this critical point in our bike infrastructure is bi-flow, separated bike lanes? The use of ‘mid-point infrastructure’ (i.e. sharrows on dangerous roads that for various reasons we have decided cannot receive better, 1990s era bike lane infrastructure, etc.) and this ‘arco fix’ is a bad trend.

    This is not a radical proposition or viewpoint. The coalition and the city are not being moderate and measured here. They are dragging their feet, stalling, accommodationist in the extreme in the name of moderation.

    – Justin

  • jabber

    Just to clarify, the “Merc op-ed writer” … isn’t. He’s Tom Elias, a California-based syndicated columnist. His column appears in, among other papers, the Daily News — formerly the Palo Alto Daily News and the Redwood City Daily News, now merged. The Daily News is owned by the same company that owns the San Jose Mercury News, which is why Daily News content shows up on But Elias’s column does not appear in the print Mercury News.

  • In case anyone plans on BART-ing tonight, might want to reconsider:

  • I just read that things cleared up about 10 min ago, but the Giants game just finished not that long ago. Best of luck to the BARTers.