Today’s Headlines

  • Meg Whitman Tells Interviewer She Will "Likely" Vote Against Prop 23 (SF Gate)
  • No End in Sight to America’s Obesity Epidemic (NYT)
  • Temporary Transbay Terminal to Open This Saturday (SF Examiner
  • City Insider Makes Fun of the City’s "Bureaucratic" EIR Process
  • Developer Sues in Effort to Proceed with Alameda Point Project (SF Gate)
  • Grist: Make Smart Growth Affordable Through Location-Efficient Mortgages 
  • L.A. Mayor Sets Date for Bike Summit (LAist
  • Innovative or Silly? A Bus Designed to Accommodate Cars in China (Huffington Post)
  • Fresno Considers a Return of Streetcars (The Business Journal
  • Californian Named Senior U.S. DOT Accessible Transportation Advisor (The Fast Lane)

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  • Your headline “Meg Whitman Makes Support for Prop 23 Official in Radio Interview” is inaccurate. The article says she says she will most likely vote “no” on Prop 23.

  • I’ve changed the headline to be more accurate, but you can bet that it is going to be trumped up by supporters and made to look official. In fact, it may just as well be official. Whitman has said she is going to suspend AB32 as one of her first official acts if she’s elected governor.

  • Bryan – she said she will likely vote *against* Prop 23 – voting AGAINST suspending AB32. But then she says if she is elected she will… suspend AB32.

    I had to read it a few times to figure it out.

    My read between the lines? “If Prop 23 passes, AB32 is suspended until unemployment drops below 5.5% but if Prop 23 doesn’t pass, then I – Governor Meg – have full control over suspension of AB32”

  • You both are right. I stand corrected. I guess my subconscious was reading it that way!

  • Whitman has called for a one-year moratorium on parts of AB 32, though she has also been scaling back on her anti-AB 32 rhetoric. See here:

  • RE: Fresno

    BART is more likely to arrive in Fresno before a streetcar is.
    These is a plan for a BRT system, but it costs $8 million. Way too much, according to the government in a newspaper article. 1 week later, a plan to widen highway exit ramps for $55 million was approved.