Today’s Headlines

  • Disappointing but Not Surprising: Sunday Parking Meter Pilot "Not Moving Forward" (SF Examiner
  • Human Transit Writes About SFPark: "A Free Market in Parking Begins" 
  • LaHood, Boxer, Pelosi to Break Ground Today on Transbay Transit Center (KTVU)
  • Some "Parting Thoughts" On the Old Transbay Terminal (Market Street Railway)
  • SFMTA Better Masonic Proposals Include a Cycletrack (BIKE NOPA)
  • Cheryl Brinkman Confirmed by Board of Supes to SFMTA Board (City Insider
  • SFBG: Can Bike Plan "Help Soothe Tensions Between Cyclists and Motorists?"
  • Mayor Newsom Introduces Legislation "to Green San Francisco’s Commercial Buildings" (City Insider)
  • Local DOTs Working to Update Outdated Federal Design Guidelines for Bikeways (Bike Portland)
  • Ferry Riders Could See a Fare Hike Under GG Bridge District Proposal (Marin IJ)
  • CHP Increases Bay Area Enforcement of Drivers Violating Cell Phone Law (Press Democrat)

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  • @Sunday Parking: The merchants are only hurting themselves. People park Saturday night and don’t move their car until Monday morning. Those people probably aren’t shopping at their stores and are preventing people from outside the neighborhood from easily getting parking.

    I guess since they will never charge for parking on Sundays, the next thing to do is fight for free MUNI on Sundays.

    @Brinkman, CONGRATS!

  • Little write-up on Google Maps Bike Directions:

  • Re: Masonic

    I’d be so excited to see European-style elevated or sidewalk cycle tracks coming to San Francisco.

  • Alex

    So… MTA cuts service to prop up free Sunday parking and insane work rules? F that.

    Thank you Misters Fink, Feldman, and Pritchard for reminding me where not to shop. I love some of the little shops out there on Clement like House of Bagels, Kamei, Green Apple, and First Korean Mkt, but am hardly willing to put up with the 45+ minute ride on the 28 or 29 to get there.

    I wonder whatever happened to the idea of “I walked/took transit to get to your store” stickers?

  • Alex, I’m all for working with someone to bring those stickers/pins/cards into being. North Beach needs them badly.

    Maybe we can give a little note book tho stores that people can sign if the come via sustainable transport. Less wasteful and there would be a solid accounting.

    But overall, these business owners need to realize people shop more often and spend more overall via walking, bus, or bike.

  • EL

    Given what’s happened with Sunday parking, I wonder how far some of the other SFpark proposals will fare…

  • EL, I’m hoping that since they are at least getting the ball rolling on SF Park that the data will speak for itself. Sadly, we couldn’t get Sunday parking off the ground, but I believe it was promised a year and a half ago by Newsom during MTA budget negotiations (spring ’09). Not that I’m surprised.

    I just wish these merchants could see the forest for the trees. Turn over creates more business. My opinion is that they don’t want to pay for parking themselves, damn the customers (who mostly come by transit or walking).